Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Playdate with Friends

My friend, fellow UCLA Pi Beta Phi Sorority sister and college roommate, Sheila, flew down from Seattle again today and we had a playdate! Paris joined us as we had Moonstruck Chocolate Chai Teas, had bagels at Noahs, went for a walk, ate lunch at Pho Van Vietnamese restaurant and chatted up a storm! What a great escape from reality and life for several hours! Fun to introduce Paris and Sheila and to catch up and relive memories again. Can't wait for our college friend reunion in January in San Francisco! Notice I'm wearing red, white and blue for Election Day! I think there are a lot of happy people out in the USA and the world tonight! :)
Hope you all got what you wanted today and had fun with friends and family!
Make it Count!!!


Paris said...

Had so much fun with you girls today! Thanks for introducing me to Sheila. She is a sweetheart.

And I'm soooooo excited about tonight's election results!! Yoooo Hoooo!! You looked so pretty in your red, white and blue :)

Love ya, p

Jean said...

You look fabulous!! Glad you got to spend some girl time with great friends! So excited about the vote!!!!

Loni said...

What great pictures! You can tell by the smile on your face that it was a wonderful day.

JO said...

You look so happy with your friends. I hope you get to have get togethers like that more often. It is nice to forget about your cancer and just enjoy good times with friends.

I thought you looked awesome today! I love seeing you and being able to give you a hug.

Have fun this weekend and I hope the weather will be decent.

Love ya, JO

Katie Hacker said...

GoBama!Thank goodness, Indiana is turning a little bit blue...