Monday, December 3, 2007

Bad to the Bone

...and I'm not just talking about my dog (have i mentioned how cute he is? It's his 1st Birthday by the way, so everyone wish Simba a Happy Birthday)!

Got the results back from my bone scan from last friday and they are completely normal! So now we know that the car accident (I was rearended by a Suburban at a red light) I was in on Oct. 16th messed me up inside and it wasn't the cancer "taking over my body" like I was fearing! By that, I mean metastisizing to my bones. We do know there are cancer cells in there running amok, but at least we know my bones are good for now. I'll take one less thing to worry about. My mammogram came back completely normal as well. Now two less things to worry about.

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Paris said...

Love me some Simba... be careful or he might just sneak into my car one day!! Sooo glad that your tests came back okay... what a huge relief. Love, p