Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 2 Post CarboTaxol - Chemo high?

I'm doing really well so far! I'm eating. Drinking lots of water. I went for a walk today with Simba and my sweetheart, Dave. It finally stopped raining long enough to get the dog out for some exercise and it felt good to be in the fresh air. I've been trying to deal with paperwork and bills and car accident stuff while I'm feeling good because I guess the side effects from this stuff comes on gradually and the first 3 days are maybe the easiest. Or maybe I am supercancerwoman and I'm not going to have any. It's kind of like being on a chemo high I think the first few days, with the steroids, etc. they give you. I helped with dinner and cleaned up the kitchen (my dad picked up my kids from school and stayed to babysit me while my mom worked and dave had a hoop game). Made lunch for my daughter's field trip tomorrow. My sleep patterns are a bit mixed up due to the chemo. I remember that from last time. My feet and hands are tingling (naropathy setting in) already. I'm shakey and unsteady. But I'm ok. Some pain in my lower abdominum. Maybe cramping? But I'm good so far. I really am. I'm suprised actually at how good I'm doing so far! Dave even told me I looked "cute" tonight (bet he didn't know I hadn't showered all day! lol He must like the bed head look! or maybe just me with hair lol). If I feel good tomorrow I'm going to have my mom take me to my support group for women with metastatic stage IV cancer. I can't drive while on the meds and she's off tomorrow. I haven't gotten to my Christmas cards yet. I have them, they just aren't addressed. But I did finally get some stamps and mail my bills! That's huge!!! LOL We have our tree, had it since Nov. 25th, but it's still not decorated! Waiting for my hubby to string the lights. That could be weeks yet. So thanks for everyone's well wishes via the blog, email, cards and phone. Very much appreciated and makes this journey so much easier. I've made it through day 2. Whew.


Laura Nicholas said...

Shauna - I am glad to hear that you are feeling good. You have been in my thoughts. I miss you at work but you come first. So take care of yourself.

Paris said...

You are Wonder Woman... soooo proud of you.... and so relieved that you are doing so well. You are a fighter... look out world!! Let me know if you need anything!! Love, p

Ali said...

Hugs, Hugs, and more Hugs Shauna! You have never been far from my thoughts these last few days! Hang in there! We are sending you tons of prayers and good thought!!!!! alimoll

nic said...

I agree, we are so proud of you, Shauna!
Paris is saying to her know if you need anything - let her know you need her to send nic Chocoalte muffins, lol, kidding ;o)

Robyn Dueker said...

Hi Shauna,
Guess what? I'm praying for you! I hope that made you smile knowing our last conversation.
You are an amazing women and I am glad I know you. Keep hanging in there because you have so much to look forward to on the other side of this storm. p.s. I also love that name Chemo Sobby.
Your (Soccer Mom) friend Robyn

grii said...

Want you to know we are always thinking about you and praying for you. We are going to add to your bills of all the green tea frappachinos we have to buy Dave before lessons and basketball games! Hope we can all get together soon!!

Andrea Caudillo