Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hat from Helen and Ellen & Revels

Hair update: day 16 and I still have hair!!! (everyone said it would fall out like clockwork on the 14th day).

This fabulous hat is from my friends Ellen and Helen and I had just the perfect green shirt to go with it! Kaelin and I got dressed up tonight for the Catlin Gabel Revels Holiday Program. Doesn't Kaelin look cute?
Funny story about my tomboy. We were in Nordstroms at the beginning of November buying Daddy a birthday (Nov. 9) present. Kaelin says to me "while we're here we should find me fancy clothes for Grandparent's Day (Nov. 19th)." I thought that sounded like a great idea and so not like us to be prepared and not wait til the last minute (like the night before!) to figure something out. Each year for Grandparent's Day and Revels the kids are told they should wear dress up clothes. Kaelin's exact words were: "We have to wear a dress, a skirt or fancy pants AND I'M NOT WEARING A DRESS OR SKIRT." (Imagine this said all together with no spaces). So each year we get fancy pants, which usually means red or black velvet tuxedo type pants and a white blouse with black boots. That describes her first two Grandparent's Day. When we were in Nordstrom's in November, Kaelin says "We have to wear a dress, a skirt or fancy pants AND I COULD WEAR A SKIRT." (this also said very quickly with no spaces). My response was "WHAT??????" and she repeated herself and then I said "OK, let's go" before she changed her mind!!!
She tried on about 3 skirts and she definately knows what she likes and what she doesn't like. She knew right away that this skirt, jacket and boots were what she wanted. I tried to talk her into the other cute plaid skirt with tulle hanging down beneath it, but she chose this. She looks like a corporate shark! LOL What you can't see in this very bad picture is that the black velvet jacket has some pin stripe stitching and that it has little eyelet hooks down the front and a black satin bow to tie it at the waist.
I can't tell you how many times I beg her to even try stuff on. She's a total Nike sweats, t-shirt, sweatshirt and tennis shoes type of gal. Hair in a pony without fail. So you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of trying on skirts of all things!!! And you should have seen her looking at herself in the mirror. You could see in her expression that she liked what she saw and that she was pleased with herself. I wish you could have seen her stance too. She posed like she does in dance. Like the photo of her in her gymnastics sweats from the previous post.
And you should have seen all of the kids, teachers and parents reactions to seeing her in a skirt! It's never happened before! She got so many compliments, I think she secretly liked it! And some of the boys that she usually hangs out with (they play tag or soccer at recess) actually laughed at her wearing a dress! But I think she's confident enough in herself to not let that bother her! Some of the boys were also telling her that she looks like the Queen of England! I think she gets a kick out of that too!
I'm loving this little adventure into girly territory!
Anyways, back to my new hat which I wore tonight to the Christmas Program...

I met Ellen (left) and Helen when Spencer started 3rd grade at Catlin. Helen's son, Brandon, started at Catlin the same year. Ellen and her son Casey were the host family for Brandon. We had a few gatherings in the summer before the start of the year and the boys all got to know each other before school started. They became great friends and have shared many playdates, sleepovers, and many of the same interests. They formed a strings quartet and began playing together as "The Orange Oysters." (Brandon on Chello, Spencer, Casey and Gene on violin). The Orange Oysters added another violinist (Owen) and they are now a 7th grade Quintet.

Ellen and Helen have been AMAZING friends to me and my family. They have always gone above and beyond and are so positive and giving and supportive and fun. We get together for lunch, go to the movies, have girl's night out and hang out with the other Orange Oyster moms. They are always taking Spencer for playdates and sleepovers and school and violin projects. They both spoile us rotten and they have the biggest most loving hearts. I adore them both to pieces and I thank them for the stylish hat that matches my shirt so perfectly!!!

Just a quick update on Dave and the Southridge High School Girls Basketball Team in Arizona. They won their first game and play again tomorrow at 2pm!

It's another late night for me...320am. I've been staying up late (with the help of my amazing mom!) putting together goodies for my support group, co-workers and the faculty at Catlin Gabel! On top of arranging food for the 3rd grade holiday party and the 7th grade RICE (Rome/India/China/Egypt) food celebration in Cultures class.

I had asked Spencer to offer to bring something easy to the potluck, like drinks because I wasn't sure what was going on with chemo and how long I'd feel bad etc. He comes home yesterday and tells me he has his food assignment...a pyramid built out of cheese! ???? (How is that like bringing something easy like drinks???) Thank goodness my mom stepped up and helped him out and had all the cheese cubed. And thanks to Fred Meyer for their fresh fruit trays, we've got the 3rd grade party covered!

Hopefully we'll make it to school tomorrow as I've got a sick dog (TMI but he threw up in and all over my cupholder in my car!! ewwwwwww) and a sick boy (at least he made it to the bathroom before he threw up!). With my weakened immune system, I've got to be so careful of the ickies going around. Neither of my kids have gotten their flu shots yet. And with Dave out of town, I'm the caretaker of the sickies/sickos. So hopefully sleep will do us all good.

Speaking of sleep, I'm off to bed to get some myself.

Have a happy Thursday everyone!!!!


Paris said...

Glad you had fun at the concert... K looks precious and girly ;) Pretty please get some sleep today!!! Love, p

Jaci said...

LOVE this hat, I think all at the hat party had hat envy on this one! Kaelin is adorable. The kids were all excited when she came into acro last night to give Creslyn her gift. Maybe her friend Alaina is rubbing off on her, ha! Alaina was so bummed when I told her we weren't going to Revels. And yet she still was up until 10 doing homework, grrr on this week. Yeah on not losing hair, yeah, yeah, yeah! Hugs! Jaci