Friday, December 14, 2007

Certificate by Mira and Hat from Elizabeth

Here's the beautiful certificate that Elizabeth's daughter designed and Elizabeth left on the kitchen table the night of the shower. I wore her hat on Wednesday. It matched my teal/black sweatsuit awesomely!

I met Elizabeth and her husband Mike when Spencer started at Catlin Gabel in 3rd grade. Their daughter Mira is in his class. They are now 7th graders tpgether. And Kaelin has been in the same class as their younger daughter Emma since 1st grade. They are now in 3rd and very good friends. They enjoy each other's company and humor so much!

Elizabeth has been such an amazing friend and support for my whole family since this all started in June 06. Being a doctor herself (she teaches at OHSU), she offered to get referals of doctors and 2nd opinions and she went to all of doctor appointments with us, helping us ask the right questions and interpretting information for us. We were blindsided and totally in shock back then and she took our hands and led us through gently but firmly. Even with her busy schedule, she would take time out of her day to be there for us. I can't tell you how much easier that made the whole process. They took Kaelin on playdates and to their beach house with them while I was recovering from surgery. They brought us a blender and smoothie fixins to nourish me back to health. They were amazing (and still are). We couldn't have done that without her.

Thank you Elizabeth for the hat and the support and thanks Mira for the beautiful certificate! I can't wait to go to High Tea and shopping for yarn together!



Go to to see all of the photos taken by Natalie Dukes at the Hat Shower


Angie said...

You look great in all your hats! Sounds like a wonderful uplifting evening.

JO said...

Oh, Shauna: You look so awesome in all your hats. The hats are great but the best thing about the pictures, is your sparkling smile. You are just glowing. You make me proud to be your friend. You GO GIRL! Love, JO