Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hat from Lindsey

HAIR UPDATE: Day 15 and I still have HAIR!

This adorable hat is from Lindsey. I met Lindsey at an end of the year swim party when Spencer and her son Will were in 3rd grade. We talked about cameras and rowing - two things we have in common!

Lindsey reached out to me when she found out about my cancer and has been a great support. I've enjoyed sitting on the sidelines together watching our boys play soccer in 6th and 7th grades. I really looked forward to our time together and she was great company! I was excited that Spencer was going to play basketball again this year so we could sit in the bleachers together, but then Spencer decided he didn't want to do it anymore. So I will miss hanging out on the sidelines with her. I've really enjoyed our developing friendship and I love my new hat! Thanks Lindsey!!!

On another note, I finally started my Christmas shopping today and we decorated part of the tree before it got too late.
We put a guardian angel on top of our tree and added a second angel for good luck. We're counting on that magic of Christmas. We had a great time and Simba had to get in on the fun, sharing his doggie kisses with us! He had us rolling on the floor in laughter! Kaelin is the one behind the lens! She's turning into a great little photographer!

Dave left for Arizona today for a basketball tourney and he won't be home until the 23rd! What's up with that? Leaving me with the trash, recycle, Christmas shopping, etc. That's what happens when you have a nationally ranked team that is the 3 time defending state champs - they have to run off and play in all of the big tourneys!

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Paris said...

Sooo glad you had some time for decorating your tree :) Looks like you had a blast!! Love ya, p