Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hat from Berit

Here's a photo of me today wearing a hat from my good neighbor Berit Kling. They are the nicest and funnest family. She's married to a very nice guy named Steve who sometimes comes over with his beer and Halo to play with my hubby Dave! They've invited us over for Super Bowl and Halloween Parties and BBQs at their house over the years. Berit has a 4th grade daughter named Haley and a 2nd ? grade son named Mason. Kaelin and Haley usually meet up on the field or the court when they get matched up against each other in soccer and basketball. Mason and Spencer love to talk video games and they often borrow games from each other. The Klings usually help host the 4th of July Block Parties and the annual neighborhood summer BBQ. Steve is famous for his balloon launcher! I think Berit and I really became close when we figured out that we both were training for the Portland Marathons with the Portland Fit Group. She's also a fellow scrapbooker and has gone to all night crops with me before!

I love my new hat and it totally matches this Nike outfit that I wore today! I can't tell you how many people stopped me today (and they didn't even know about the Hat Shower!) to tell me how cute I looked in my hat!!!! Thanks Berit!

Photos compliments of my 8 year old daughter, Kaelin!

To see all of the photos taken at the Hat Shower by Paris' daughter Natalie, go to



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