Friday, December 14, 2007

Hat from Jacie Wilson

I picked out this pink shirt to wear today and wondered, "hmmm...I wonder what hat I can wear with this?" I sifted through the massive pile of hats from my hat shower the other night and I found this cute, warm, fuzzy one that Jacie had made for me. I thought, "hey, I've got some purple things I can pair with this" and the rest is history! (I would have worn my white tank top underneath the pink shirt for the perfect effect but as my husband informed me today, he's been out of underwear and socks for 2 days now, so you get the picture! LOL)

Jacie and I know each other from Dance and Gymnastics. Her daughter, Alaina, and Kaelin are the same age and have been dancing in the same Elite Acro classes and competing at the same level of Rhythmic Gymnastics for several years now. I remember meeting her while we were both out walking in the park near the Training Center where the girls train. She invited me to join her and her sister for their walk. We would regularly go on walks while our girls trained. It wasn't until my diagnosis that we became really close though. As soon as Jacie heard the news, she was on the phone with Dave and my family arranging rides for Kaelin to and from practice. If it wasn't for Jacie, I don't think Kaelin would have been able to keep up her training schedule. She knitted me scarves and made me soup and had Kaelin over for swimming, playdates and sleepovers. She stood in for me doing Kaelin's hair and make up for dance recitals and gymnastic meets.

In the proces of all of this, our girls became really close. They almost look like twins most of the time. They have the same coloring, body type, hair and facial features. Alaina is much more of a girly girl, and much more mellower than Kaelin, but they compliment each other well. Kaelin adores Alaina, and probably would name her as her best bud. We all traveled to Boston for Nationals together last year. Kaelin and Alaina were inseparable.

I can't even begin to tell you all of the support Jacie and her family have given us the past 1.5 years. Thank you Jacie!!!!


Paris said...

Love the pics of the girls... they are so beautiful... and so are you and Jaci :) Love, p

Jaci said...

WOW, you've really made me cry! I know the cancer really suxxxx but I am so grateful of the friendship that we have developed due to it and you letting me help a little and in turn helping me a little etc. I adore you Shauna, just adore you! And Alaina loves Kaelin and also considers her a best friend.
So glad you like the hat. It was Alexandras desire to knit this for you and choose the colors that created this combined effort. I can't believe how great you look in it with your outfit. I think we are all developing "hat envy." And yeah on not losing your hair yet!

Hugs and more hugs! Jaci