Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CA125 update

Last month I was at 32.
Normal is 35 or below.
Here is the note my onocologist sent me:

Hi, the CA 125 was stable at 37.


Not sure why it's gone up. Need to ask her that. She seems to think it's stable, but I still worry as I only have 1 round of the FOLFOX left and then we were maybe going to take a month off and start again with something. Worried this will mess with my month off. I NEED it so badly. Dec. would be a good month to have off wouldn't it???

My billirubin results were slightly improved and not in normal range but she's not as concerned about liver function now. But I do need to retest in a week. So now I'm worried about that too. :(

Off to meet Paris at Borders and then to Spencer's Catlin Gabel playoff game @ Catlin @ 415pm!
Need a dose of my coffee drink to get me thru the rough patch.



Paris said...

Sorry about your numbers. I really think it is a good sign that your doc is not worried. Perhaps you will be able to talk things over w/the surgeon on wed. to give you more peace of mind. Had the best time hanging out with you today. Just what I needed :) And thanks for the sweet, adorable card. You are too sweet. Love you, p

Jean said...

I'm sure that if your doc was worried, you'd hear. Sit tight!
Hope you and Paris had a good day!!

Katie Hacker said...

Wish I could crash that coffee date! I'm sending good thoughts to you. I know it's hard not to worry but try...

PS You are going to make a great Snow White!


Raelyn said...

Sounds like normal fluctuation but I understand the worry. It never gets easy. We'll be sending prayers your way as you meet with the dr. this week.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you Shauna and hoping I will see you soon.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you Shauna and hoping I will see you soon.

forgot to sign my name:


My name is Shanna said...

Okay, your text today was a HUGE treat! It also prompted me to blog. Thanks for keeping me on track. :o)

It is hot here, so let me know when "my" car is out of the shop and I will come over. There are a few things at Freddy's that I could pick up and if you are lucky, I might even take you along.

Love and hugs, girlie. No worrying about things until you need to. Gotta believe, you just gotta! I do.

xoxo, Shanna