Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who is the Fairest One of All?

Photos from our Halloween party last night...

Kaelin as a soldier from the Xbox video game "Halo"...

Spencer as bored, moody teenager...
Dave as Indiana Jones....

or me as an XL Snow White? (pretty good photo considering it was taken from my cell phone by myself!)

You decide....

Soccer update:

Kaelin's Red Magic team won today 5-0.

Spencer's Modoc team tied 2-2 and lost 2-1.

Catlin Gabel Boys 8th Grade team plays in the championship game vs OES, 4:15pm Monday @ Catlin Gabel! Come cheer them on!!!!

On the agenda for the rest of the day:

Spencer getting a haircut (he's a helmet head!)

Kaelin going to a Haunted Walk with classmates

Spencer going to rehearsal for a haunted house production at a classmates house

Nothing scheduled for Sunday! Woo Hoo! I'll have to get my house and life in order before going down for chemo on Monday. :(

Enjoy your weekend!




Paris said...

Awesome pics!! You are definitely the fairest one of all. You look gorgeous! LOL at Spencer's costume. Such the teenager ;) Keeping my fingers crossed for the game on Monday. Hope it goes well. Enjoy your quiet Sunday... those are a rare gift and the best treat of all. LMK if there is anything I can help with next week. Love you, p

JO said...

You look beautiful.... just like Snow White! No one would ever look at you and think that you have cancer. YOU ROCK!

Dave is a perfect Indiana Jones and Spencer looks great as a soldier. I am sure my grandson would recognize him from the Halo game.

Congrats on the soccer games and good luck on Monday. The weather is suppose to be nice.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wed.

Love ya, JO

My name is Shanna said...

My word, your eyes just sparkle in that picture. You look enchanting and so happy. It is a beautiful thing to see. The rest of the gang looks adorable too... Dave makes a great Indy! Spencer is doing his job as a moody teen, so don't worry. He is right on course to growing up. ;o)

Great to read of your spiritual boost. Everything you said is right on, it is just hard to remember it sometimes. Gotta treasure each day, each moment and each loved one. Not easy to do when life is moving fast and riddled with challenges, but all important nevertheless.

Know that if you need a shot of gratitude, I am here. I can easily remind you of all the things I love about you and your family. :o)

xoxo, Shanna

P.S. Round is good with me! I may be slimming down, but I will always be round and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Anonymous said...

You are one SEXY Snow White!!! Love the costume!!! Spencers costume cracks me up too! And you think this will get easier? The attitudes, oh boy!

Wish it wasn't chemo week for you this coming week. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

I'm hoping we can see the soccer games on Monday. Not sure as there is vb practice for their playoff game on Tues.

Alexandra is a happy girl after her weekend at Christian horsecamp. She's recharged and happy...course she's asked if she can be a ranchhand there all summer...WHAT??? I said tonight was not the night to chat about it.

Scott spend the weekend with his Mom. It doesn't sound the pathology report was positive and he really sounded down today. I hope to hear more when he returns.

Sometimes life just sux and yet there are so many fabulous things that are happening also. Guess the bad/sad times make us appreciate the good ones.

Love you! Jaci

Jean said...

What great pictures! You are stunning! love the pic of Spencer..looks like my guys!LOL
So glad to hear about the conferences too!! Gives me goosebumps!!