Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is it the Weekend Yet????

Friday Spencer's Catlin Gabel 8th Grade team lost to OES, but made the playoffs and they play on Tuesday and again later in the week if they keep winning.

Saturday, Kaelin's Red Magic U12 team won 6-1, playing keepaway for most of the game since they have the 5 goal mercy rule.

Spencer's U14 Modocs team won both of their games on Saturday with Spencer scoring a goal and setting up a couple others with assists.

Saturday night I lost my mind and let Spencer invite five 13 yr old boys over for a sleepover. 2 couldn't come, so there were 3 that came over and played Dungeons and Dragons and Video Games and ate pizza, caesar salad and cookies n cream ice cream until midnight! Only 2/3 could sleep over so they stayed up and read Mangas (Japanese comic books/graphic novels you read back to front) until 1am!!! We got up at 9am and made them French Toast and fresh berries before sending them on their way at 11am.

At which point we left to celebrate Ali's Birthday with the Red Magic team at the Portland Pilots vs Pepperdine soccer game! Happy 11th Bday Ali!!! Hopefully her parents will share the group photo of the girls with Olympic Gold Medalist, Stephanie Cox! It was fun to run into the Catlin Gabel 4th grade girls team at the same game! Kaelin would love to play with her classmates, but they wouldn't let her play on both teams and she's been with the Red Magic in soccer and hoops since 2005.

After the game we sped off to make it to Spencer's U14 Modoc's tournament game, which they lost to a very good team 4-0, but placed in 2nd place overall.
Didn't get home until 6pm! Whew! Made dinner while Spencer did his homework (watching the debate online) and then playing catchup with dishes, laundry, emails, photo uploads, blogs etc!

This week is another crazy week with soccer games on Tues, Wed and probably Thurs (if they win). Halloween parties on both Friday and Saturday nights, 3 soccer games on Saturday, but nothing scheduled for Sunday so far! Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow I'm getting my blood retested (high billirubin from last week). I need to find out my CA125 results too. I'm having lunch with the Catlin Gabel soccer moms on Monday and doing curb duty at school on Tuesday, along with providing snacks for the boys soccer team before their game. I've got a followup appt. with my gyn/oncological surgeon on Wed, and hope to get to my support group afterwards since it's in the same hospital. Friday Spencer's off school again and we have his conference and I volunteered to provide food for the teachers luncheon and to help clean up. I have my writing workshop in the morning and it's going to be a LONG day/night!

We've got our costumes figured out for the Halloween parties:
I've always wanted to be a princess and now I have hair like Snow White so why not?

Kaelin's going as a soldier from the video game "Halo." That's my girl. Sorry I don't have a photo of her to share. It got lost along the way. For the last several years she's been a red Power Ranger, Spiderman, a Jedi Knight, Bobafet from Star Wars and a Ninja. Someone's gotta be the princess and since that will never happen with my little girl, it's no wonder I want to dress up like one myself! Us gals gotta represent!!!

The scariest costume of all is Spencer's! He told me he wasn't dressing up or going trick or treating and then when we were shopping for mine and Kaelin's costumes in the Adult section, he spied this gem of a costume...

Dipsy from the Telatubbies!!!! His whole aim is to embarrass his friends. I think that he's going to embarrass himself and the rest of his family more!!! LOL I can just see him walking through the neighborhood with a whole line of kids trailing behind him like the Pied Piper. LOL That's my boy. ?????? Last year he was a bunch of grapes with purple balloons pinned all over him. He's gotta keep up his image as the goofy, funny one at school that makes everyone laugh I guess???

So I've rambled long enough. Really rambled. I'm going to blame it on lack of sleep!!!

I hope you all have a rockin' Monday! Woo Hoo no chemo for me this week! I'm going to party like a rockstar!!!



JO said...

Hi Shauna:

I can not believe how busy you are! Glad the kids did well with their games. Good luck to them this week.

I will not be at our meeting on Wednesday. I am leaving in the morning for D-Lake (at the beach) with several gals I went to high school with. I will be home late on Wednesday.IF you go, please let me know how everyone is doing. All the gals will be so happy to see you! So, I hope you go.

Have a great week. I will be anxious to hear about your appointment on Wed. Good luck!

Sure do miss you. The rest of Oct. is busy for me (and you, too!) so maybe we can get together in Nov.

Love you, JO

Alex said...

Great personal blog

Paris said...

You will be a GREAT sleeping beauty!! And LOVE the teletubby!! OMG... too funny. What a crazy weekend you had. Doesn't sound like you will get much rest this week either! How do you do it??!! So great to talk to you last night. Best of luck w/your blood tests and dr. appts. I will be thinking of you. Love you, p

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read your life is so dull and boring...OMG when do you sleep woman???

LOVE the snow white costume...can't wait to see a pic of you in it! What is Dave going as? I think Alaina will be "Penguin girl" a new superhero. Alexandra can't stand any ideas I put out and since she's doing a party/sleepover that requires costumes and I'll be in Seattle with Alaina that weekend, she'd best get her buns in gear.

So great to see you and the kids at OES/Catlin on Fri. Alexandra said her friends didn't like her cheering for Spencer but she didn't care...that's my girl!

Alaina had 9 school buds for her bd sleepover Sat...NEVER AGAIN. 6 chose not to sleep at all and thought dancing, tumbling, shrieking at 1, 3 and 5 in the am was acceptable behavior. Now I'm sure it was more often than that but those were the times I woke up and went downstairs. Alaina and 3 friends were smart enough to go to her room at 11:30 for slept when not woken by the party girls.

Hugs! Jaci