Monday, October 6, 2008

Friday Writings (Ramblings?)

From my Write Around Portland Writing Workshop last Friday, Oct. 3rd:

Prompts to choose from:
1. The Rain...
2. True strength is...

True Strength
by Shauna Berglund-Immel

True strength isn't something you can train for. You can't go to a gym and lift weights, do crunches or run on the treadmill for it or improve it. It's not something you can buy or borrow. It's something that's just there, inside you, and you might not even know it's there.

It lies deep inside you, gathering strength in your heart and soul until the time arises when it's called upon to get you through tough times. It feeds off of the love and support of those around you and allows you to go on, when you don't think it's possible to do so.

We then were asked to tear a page out of our journal and write our age on it and then pass it to the right. Whichever age was on the paper, was your prompt. You were to write about "when you were..." or "when you are..." the age on the paper.

by Shauna Berglund-Immel

When and IF I even make it to age 55, I will rejoice.
I will scream from the rooftops with joy.
I will dance in the streets with abandon.
I will celebrate with my own personal parade.
Hell, I may even rip off all of my clothes and run naked through the streets, leading my parade!

For IF I make it to age 55, it means that cancer hasn't won. It means
that I beat the odds.
That I dodged a bullet.
That I was able to squeeze 13 more years out of my life.
That I was able to see my son become a man, graduate from high school and college and perhaps even marry and have a child of his own.
That I was able to see my beautiful, talented daughter blossom into the stunning woman that I know she is meant to be.
That I will get to be there to see both of my children realize some of their dreams (and mine) and cheer them on in the process.
That I will get to be there to catch them when they fall. It also means
that I will have 13 more years with my best friend, my husband, and grown a little bit older and wiser together. Perhaps becoming grandparents together.

If I make it to age 55, it means that I looked cancer in the face and I fought my way, tooth and nail, through 13 years of hell, like a warrior. That I wasn't just another statistic.

I can't wait for age 55 and all it brings. I will celebrate each and every step of the way, living life to the fullest. I look forward to the day that I reach age 55 and laugh in cancer's face.

Our leader then took out a paper bag and placed a bunch of objects on the table for us to choose from. I was drawn to a purple crayon. We were then asked to close our eyes and hold the object in our hand. Then we had 2' to write a list about our object. The following is my list:

  • waxy
  • fits perfectly in my hand
  • energy
  • paper in contrast to wax
  • purple = hope
  • possibilities
  • imagination
  • like a finger, an extension of my hand
  • smooth
  • point is worn down, used often. Favorite color?
  • shape
  • molded
  • perfection
  • color
  • vibrant
  • tool
  • color of grapes
  • violet/purple
We were then given a couple of prompts to choose from and write about:

1. It reminds me...
2. Look at this...

A Purple Crayon
by Shauna Berglund-Immel

A crayon.
Not just a crayon,
but a purple crayon.

Purple symbolizing the color of hope.
I can hold it in the palm of my hand.
Wrap my fingers around it.
It fits perfectly in my hand.
An extension of my hand.

Maybe even my heart.
A purple heart.
Symbolizing bravery, honor and hope.

A crayon.
A purple crayon.
So full of possibilities.
Ready to take my hopes and dreams
and put them to paper for all to see.

So full of energy.
Dancing on the page
like a ballerina on the stage.

So smooth and shapely.
So vibrant and playful.
So bold and unafraid.
So regal and proud.

A crayon.
A purple crayon.

Thanks for reading!

The weekend soccer photos will have to wait until tomorrow.

Spencer and the 8th Grade Catlin Gabel team won their soccer game tonight 5 - 1. Spencer played great. So proud of him and glad to see him step up and be aggressive and call for the ball. He made some great moves too. Who knew he had all that in his little scrawny body? Stopped at Panera for dinner. We've never eaten there before, and the kids loved it! They got chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl. I got an Asian Chicken Sesame salad. The cool thing is that they use chicken without nitrates, additives, hormones, etc! Gotta love that. And fresh bread, who can resist? They have a game tomorrow in Corbett. Which is down in the gorge area. Windy and cold! I don't think I'm going to make that one. I'll go to Kaelin's soccer scrimmage instead. Spencer has another game on Wednesday. I've watched more soccer over the last few weeks....but I love it!!! Bring it!

Enjoy your Mondays and the rest of the week! Thanks for reading! Remember to live life to the fullest each and every single day!



Paris said...

Once again, you have given us such gifts with your writing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and here's to celebrating your 55th birthday together :) Love you, p

laura said...

beautiful shauna! (((hugs)))

Angie said...

wonderful and beautiful. I love Panera, but unfortunately we don't go very often.

Loni said...

You ARE a warrior, Shauna.

January 20th, 2021 -- birthday party for Shauna! I doubt I'll be running naked with you leading the parade, but I'll sure be there to celebrate.

Hugs, Loni

Anonymous said...

WHEN you make it to 55, we will all bare our aging buns and run naked following you in your parade!!!

I love your writing Shauna. You are the hope and inspiration for sooooo many people. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with so many of us!

Yeah on Catlin winning soccer. Let me know if/when they play at OES and maybe we can connect. It was fun being in the Catlin gym watching MS volleyball last Thurs. I took our Chinese student on a walking tour of the campus and she loved it!

Love you! Jaci

ali said...

As always Shauna, your writing is truly amazing and beautiful! You really do have a gift! I'm thinking a trip to Portland for your 55th bday is a MUST! Hugs!

Katie Hacker said...

Thanks for sharing your writing, Shauna. I especially love the purple crayon poem. I've been coloring a lot lately with the kiddo - it's relaxing!

My name is Shanna said...

No time to read tonight, but wanted to send my love. I still owe you some text replies, as well. I did blog, so you can see why I am busy. lol

I hope you are having a fab week!!!

Love you.

Jean said...

stunning, is all I can say. Thanks again for sharing your writing with us. Its truly amazing!
I will be there to celebrate your 55th bday, with bells on!
Hugs to you!!!

Raelyn said...

You have such a gift! Truly amazing Shauna!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shauna, Wow! You sure do have an impressive gift for writing. And well, it's been quite awhile since the last time I was out streaking, sheesh, since way back in the 70s as a gift to my bf for his h.s. graduation, but hey, I'd do it again (marking Jan 20 on my 2021 calendar as Shauna's Parade Day) to celebrate you!

(((warm hugs))) from Arielle