Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a Zoo Out there!

We spent the weekend at soccer games, overnights with Dungeon and Dragons games and a trip to the zoo to see the baby elephant Samudra. Here are some photos from our weekend:

Chemo Monday was a long one. I was there from 11:15am - 5:15pm and then was sent home with the chemo pump, "Fillup". I'll be glad to get rid of him tomorrow. Really glad.

A couple more Catlin Gabel 8th grade soccer games this week and games this weekend, along with Kaelin going to the Portland Pilots Women's soccer game with her Red Magic Team on Sunday and a get together for the 4th Grade Parents that night. As usual, too many places to go and people to see and not enough time and bodies to divide and conquer!

I hope your week is filled with fabulous fun times!


p.s. anyone play Fantasy Football? I usually dominate and this year I have Colston, Boldin and Westbrook, who all are great players, but they are also all hurt! It's killing me and I've only won 1 game all season so far! At least I'm second place in the neighborhood Pickem League. Gotta look on the positive side. Gotta let the boys win sometimes I guess....


Paris said...

Awesome pics! OMG... that baby elephant is just too cute!! So glad that you will get rid of fillup tomorrow. Hope that you feel good and that we can go play soon :) So good to talk to you today so we could vent about our crazy teenagers ;) Big hugs and lots of love to you, p

Loni said...

Shauna, aren't you glad you have such willing photography subjects (and cute ones, at that!)? Okay, Spencer doesn't always look so willing, but he'll appreciate it someday...

Stay strong, my friend.

Hugs, Loni

Jean said...

ooohhh, what cute pics of the baby elephant! Of course, your kids are wonderful too!!Great shots of them. Looks like you all had a great weekend. I dont play fantasy football but my boys do!

Faye said...

Wow, I can't believe how much your kids have grown. What a fun weekend, that baby elephant is just too cute. Take care Shauna, thinking of you.