Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkins, Puppies, Piggies and Prose

Gorgeous Pacific NW day today! It was 71 degrees when we hit Lee Farms Pumpkin Patch around 3:30 pm. What a fun place full of animals, food and fun! Kaelin had to show off her muscles as she picked out a huge pumpkin, almost too big for her to carry.
Spencer used Simba to "sniff out" his pumpkin...
I went for the unusal ghost pumpkin and Kaelin captured a great photo of me! She's turning out to be quite the photog!
The whole reason Spencer wanted to go to this pumpkin patch (we've never been to this one before) was because he heard from a friend that there were labradore puppies there, and boy were there! A litter of 11 little Marley's!!! I didn't think Spencer would EVER stop begging me for one. Sorry son, don't have $650.00 extra dollars hanging around. Or like I overheard one dad tell his kid "They aren't for sale." That works until they can read themselves! LOL
There were also goats in a petting area, llamas, ponies, chickens and piggies!!!!

We had a fabulous time! I love fall. I just want to make a big pile of fall leaves from our front yard and jump in them! Maybe we'll do that tomorrow before chemo since Kaelin is off of school.

Problem with's scheduled for 1:30pm tomorrow and usually will take all day til close, about 5pm. But Spencer's championship game is at 4:15pm at Catlin, so I might call and see if I can get in earlier or skip it all together! Doesn't that sound like a good choice? Who needs round 12 of 12 anyways???? sigh. Stupid Fillup the pump will have to go cheer him on too. And of course, it's Halloween week. And I'm going to miss the annual Catlin Gabel Rummage Sale at the Expo center this weekend because my immune system will be wiped out and I can't be around all of those people. Sucks to be me once again!

I'll leave you all with some writings from the last few weeks:

10/17 prompts for 5 minute write:
1. Find last line of previous writings and use that as your prompt.
2. In my dream...

Here is a list of last lines from my writings:
  • Living life to the fullest
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Hang on for your life
  • Bring comfort and joy
  • Lay down next to fear, who often stays all night
  • Like two birds of a feather
  • Do some sightseeing along the way
  • Taking over like the cancer that he is
  • It's my favorite too
  • a purple crayon
A Lasting Impression
by Shauna Berglund Immel

I want to leave a lasting impression
but I am afraid it will be like footprints in the sand,
which will be washed away with the tide.
Or like a favorite pair of jeans,
which will fade with time.
I hope that what I've left my children is
a lasting impression on their hearts,
which will never fade.

1. I grew up believing...
2. A major wake up call...

Chasing Rainbows (a work in progress)
by Shauna Berglund Immel

I believe in the miracle of life.
I believe in rainbows.
We all love rainbows.
Which come out with the sun after a downpour.
We love to look at them.
To chase them.
To find the rainbows end.
But we never get there.
It's not about the pot of gold itself.
It's about the beauty to behold.
The journey and scenery along the way.
It's about appreciating life.
The miracle of life.
Find your rainbow
and chase it.

10/24 prompts:
1. Courage is...
2. The most beautiful place I've ever seen...

I got to class late and missed the time to journal about these prompts. Hope to do that later.

10 minute write
1. Write about an ordinary, everyday activity
2. Capture a moment.

Stuck in a Moment
by Shauna Berglund Immel

When you hear the words
"You have cancer,"
The world stops spinning
for a moment.
You can't breath.
You are numb.
Overcome by thoughts of doubt.
Your heart starts beating at a high rate.
Your body slowly begins to
shake and tremble
as it builds up momemtum
until you lose control
and collapse in a heap on the ground.
You feel an unimaginable pain.
So deep in your heart and soul.
A place that has never been touched.
Raw and fragile
A place you never want to visit again.
You wait for that moment to pass.
So you can breath again.
For the pain to subside.
But that moment isn't fleeting.
Time has stopped.
And that place that you didn't want to visit
now becomes your home.

We were given a variety of photographs to choose from. I chose a black and white one of a woman standing and all you can see are here legs and feet and she's casting a shadow. Her young daughter is crouched down examining the woman's shadow with curiosity.

We were asked to think up a list of possible titles.

  • In My Mother's Shadow
  • Shadow Dance
  • Me and My Shadow
  • In the Shadows
  • A Shadow of a Doubt
  • Big Shoes to Fill
  • My Mother's Shadow
  • Coming Out from Her Shadow
  • In the Shadows of My Mind
  • Shadow Puppets
  • Safe in the Shadows
  • Paper Dolls
  • Cut Outs
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Shadow Dancing
  • Stepping Into the Shadows
We were then asked to pick one and use that as our prompt.

The Warmth of Her Shadow (a work in progress)
by Shauna Berglund Immel

It feels warm here.
Safe in the shadows.
My mother's shadow.
In the shadows of my mind.
It's all that is left of her.
She's but a shadow watching over me.
A ghost of herself keeping watch.
Protecting me with her presence.
In my mind.
Her shadow towers over me.
Like a sentry on guard.
She shades me from the harsh sun.
I dance with her in my mind.
A shadow dance.
She holds me in her warmth.
The warmth of her shadow lingers.
Long after she is gone.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great week full of fun and laughter!
Make it count!



Paris said...

So glad that you guys could get out to the pumpkin patch... and what a cool place. Love your ghost pumpkin!! I can see why Spencer wants one of those puppies... too cute!! Once again, thanks for sharing your writing. You have such a gift :) Hang in there this week. Hope you get to move up your appt. so you can make the game. Love you, p

JO said...

You look so cute with your pumpkin! That looks like such a fun place.

I love ALL your writings. You are the best writer...I think you should publish a book!

Glad you mentioned that your chemo is at 1:30 because I have my CT scan at 9:20 and I was going to look you up in the chemo room. I might stop by anyway to see if you got in early.

After my appt. I am off to help Fern with her grandkid's Halloween costumes. Hope I can remember how to sew!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wed. Good luck with your chemo.

Love ya, JO

Jean said...

That pumpkin patch must've been great! Love the puppies and the other animals as well. You look adorable with your pumpkin.
Thanks for sharing your writing with us, once again. You are amazing!! Hope you can change your appt so you dont miss the game!

Anonymous said...

Now I WANT A PUPPY!! OMG those are adorable, thanks for posting (NOT!) Can't blame Spencer for the beg-a-thon...good thing I wasn't there! ha!

LOVE the pictures and yes Kaelin has an eye for photo's. Alaina took my camera on our walk yesterday and had a blast with it. She said maybe she can be a photographer and photograph dancers when she's not able to dance anymore...OMG these kids and their minds.

I can't thank you enough for sharing your writing with all of us, those who post and thank you and those who just read and are inspired to make a more positive difference in the world. WOW!


Heather said...

The patch looks amazing - my kids would have totally been begging for a puppy too. ;) Love the photo of you with your white pumpkin - I love that kind too! Your writings are wonderful Shauna. Thank you for sharing them.

Nightscrapper said...

I've said this before, but I'll say it again, YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER!! You have a way with words that I can not descibe. What a gift. Hugs!