Friday, October 10, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Or at least trying very hard to.

I've been feeling so very overwhelmed lately. There is so much to do and not enough time. EVER. Don't want to spend my time doing those kinds of things though. Would rather run away from them and life most of the time. Run away to coffee and lunch with friends. To the movies. Shopping. Anywhere but here, in this place of cancer. Sigh.

Not run away from all of life, but the hard parts you know? Wish I had a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand, clean my house, go grocery shopping, pay the bills, cook dinner, deal with the clutter that is taking over my house like the cancer inside me. !@#$%^&* cancer. Show your face you coward!!!! Ok, having one of those days/weeks. Where I'm feeling woe is me. Sorry. Dave's been out of town in Texas all week and he's my sunshine. So feeling a little blue. The sun will come out again tonight after I pick him up. :)

I intended to get so much done this week. How come that never works out as planned? Things come up, schedules get changed, kids forget things that I have to go out of my way to take to school, friends invite me to lunch, there are soccer games to watch. You name it.

When I did finally find the time, and my inlaws were so very kind enough to take my kids for the few days they were off school, I sat down in my house and looked around and didn't know where to start. How to start. Why to start. I just felt so overwhelmed. And uncomfortable in my own home. And my own skin. I wanted to run away to Reno!

So what did I do? I packed a bag and checked into a hotel for the night and took a "mini vacation". And ya know what? It did wonders. A hot bath, a good nights/morning/afternoon sleep and no distractions. Just what the doctor ordered. Now hopefully I can get back on track and tackle the mess that is our life.

So to start, I'm posting photos from last weekends soccer tourneys/league games (all 7 of them!!!)

Spencer played two league games with his U14 team, The Modocs on Saturday and one Kohl's Cup Tourney game on Sunday. The tourney runs several Sundays through October. They tied 1-1. He also had games on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with his Catlin Gabel School 8th Grade Soccer team. Can't remember all of the scores, but they won 10-1 on Tuesday and 11-1 on Wednesday I think. He's really starting to get his passion and love back for the game, along with his confidence. He's calling for the ball and making moves and going for it. Which is so nice to see. We measured him this week on the wall in the hallway where we've been marking the kids growing progress and believe it or not, the kid has grown about 2" in the last month alone!! Kaelin too. Wow!
Kaelin's U11 Red Magic Team won the West Linn U12 Tourney!
Even though it can be cold and WET, I love watching my kids play soccer. I'd face anything to sit there and watch them play the game they love and do well at it. Makes my heart smile. :)

HOpe you all have a weekend that will make your hearts smile too!

We have 3 soccer games on Sat, 1 on Sunday and Spencer's having an overnight and game of Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday. Fun stuff! It was fun for the kids to have Thurs/Fri off of school too. The 8th grade boys went to Laserport on Thursday and had a blast playing Laser TAg and were nice enough to let Kaelin play too! Fun to talk to the moms too.



CMPC said...

So proud of you for taking a mini vacation! That just totally rocks! I bet things won't seem so overwhelming now. Maybe I should try that too :) LOVE the soccer pics and congrats to the kiddos on being so awesome! I know what you mean about facing the elements, etc. to watch your kids play... I feel the same way about watching Nat ride. Why do you think I've been doing allergy shots?? ;) So nice to not have an asthma attack at the barn. lol. Miss you and love you, p

Loni said...

I'm so glad you were smart enough to take a mini vacation, Shauna. It probably did do wonders! And you have two very lucky kids, despite the cancer. In spite of the cancer.

Jean said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad time with Dave away, but I love that you got to take a mini break, just for you. I'm so happy for you and I hope it made you feel better! You deserve it. love the pics of the kids! Glad to hear they are doing well in Soccer..I too, love to watch. We play soccer in spring and fall so the weather is quite nice, usually though.
Have a great night!

Heidi said...

What a smart girl you are to take that mini vacation! A nice comfy bed, peace and quiet, and someone else to clean up. :)

susan said...

Ever since I started reading Sande's blog, I've wondered if the Shauna who comments could be you. When you wrote about the Portland zoo, I checked it out and it was you! I was with Sande the first time I met you. We were at a scrapbook convention in Portland. I loved your dream catcher layout because my son was a catcher in high school and college. I still love everything you create and love hearing about how you're doing. I meant to ask Sande about it when we went up the canyon last week but forgot. Hang in there...I think about you often and I'm so glad you had a nice rest and that you're happy now that your husband is home. Love and hugs your way, Susan