Monday, August 25, 2008

CA 125 results

an email from my doc:

Good news -- the CA 125 is down to 30.

The blood blister, sore throat, and heartburn are likely all connected and a side effect of chemo. It is most likely the chemotherapy irritating the mucosa which is the lining tissue that goes from your mouth all the way down through your GI tract.

I prescribed 2 medications for you:
1. Prilosec for the heartburn, take this every morning.
2. Oncology mouthwash, which is a medicated numbing mouthwash to make your mouth and throat feel better. You can use it as needed.

Let me know if this is not helping.


Yeah!! normal ca125 is 35 or below! my ca125 is going down, even without the nasty, aggressive chemo agent that was discontinued due to me developing an allergy to it and having a bad reaction.

She also got me a referral for a followup with my oncologist/surgeon who performed my surgery and is not in the Kaiser system. She's one of the top in her field and the only doctor left who has been with me since the beginning. it was important i keep this contact.

I have been feeling really hit hard by the chemo lately. They say it accumulates and gets worse at it goes. My hands and feet are hurting a lot lately and they are beginning to feel really numb again (neuropathy). I've been really really really tired and wiped out. I've been getting out of breath going up one flight of our stairs (only 8 steps!). Not to mention the big blood blister I woke up with. I've never had the mouth sores before. I have no appetite and no thirst or hunger trigger. That doesn't stop me from continuing to put on weight though. I've had a sore throat and heart burn as well. I'm so tired of all of this. It's really starting to wear on me.

I've figured out that I've been doing chemo again for about 10 months. Initially, my first cycle (Aug 2007 - April 2008), was supposed to be 12 rounds but only went 11 because my neuropathy got so bad. I had from April until November 08 off of the nasty chemo, but continued infusing with one agent, the Avastin every 2 weeks still. My CA125 went up during that time and my CT Scan didn't come back so great. I started my 2nd cycle of chemo in November 08, and my oncologist switched me to the ovarian based agents, CarboTaxol. I did a couple of these, lost all of my hair and then left for Reno to seek alternative treatment for 3 weeks. I resumed the chemo when I returned from Reno, dropped the Taxol and continued the Carbo. My CA125 continued to go up and my CT scans didn't really improve. They switched me back to my original chemo, FolFox every other week, and I did that several rounds before developing an intolerance to the oxcilliplatin. They took out the oxcilliplatin and continued with the rest of the agents from the FolFox. I've done 7 rounds so far. Their goal is 12. Which puts me at mid December to finish up this cycle. I am so ready for a break. I am so over this. I am so tired of it. It's so old. But it looks like, from my CA125 going back down to the normal range, that it appears to be working. I hope my CT scan Sept. 10th supports that!!! That will be a huge relief to me.

Anyways, that's my chemo history in a nutshell (a big nutshell lol).

Thanks for all of the love and support and for checking in on me here. I know so many people read my blog and don't comment and that's ok! I'm just touched you take the time to even read my ramblings!!!

Big Hugs going out to all...



Paris said...

30!!! Awesome! Doing the happy dance for you! Totally rocks, my friend. All this chemo is really paying off... I know it sucks but it is keeping you alive. I'm glad that you have answers about the blood blister. I hope the meds help with that. Glad to hear that you are going back to see the other doc. She will be so thrilled to see you, and will be so impressed with the fight you have been fighting. I just know all of the tests will be A-OK. You are working so hard at kicking cancer's butt. So proud of you. Love you, p

Jean said...

Congrats on the 30! That is wonderful news, Shauna!!!!
I'm so sorry that you have to go thru all of this with the side effects and all. I feel for you every day!
Keep your chin up and keep fighting!!!!!
hugs, jean

laura said...

wow shauna - that CA# is GREAT news. i'm so happy to hear it. i'm sorry that the chemo is taking such a toll on you. i can't even imagine what that must be like. but still, you seem to pack more into life than do many people who are the picture of perfect health. i'm sorry it's got you feeling down. (((((HUGS)))))

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! Really awesome're going to win this fight!

Angie said...

just wanted to say I'm here and reading-congrats on the 30. That's awesome news!

Anonymous said...

Those are the numbers we like to see...I'm so happy for you Shauna! I check in here with you weekly to see how things are going. Miss ya tons! So glad to hear that everything is going well. Take care! Love ya! Keep up the fight girl!


Anonymous said...

wow 30!!!!! I was so excited to read that-I cried. This is so wonderful. You have been working so hard at fighting this cancer. Keep up the fight-hugs to you!!!
I check in often to see how you are doing.
Sharon Premo

Barb R said...

Hi Shauna,
Your dad gave me your blog address so I could follow your progress. I am soooooo happy to learn that your numbers are going down. You are quite the fighter! Hang in there. I have a friend that has now beaten 3 different types of cancer over the past 6 years so I know it's possible. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm sorry you are having so many side effects and I hope that you get a break soon.
All my best,
Barb R.

Anonymous said...


Wonderful news about the low cancer score! We're thinking of you in Seattle!

- Hilary Hoover

Anonymous said...

Shauna - Congrats on the low score! Keep fighting, its paying off. You are continuously in our prayers. You will beat this and come out on top. Best to you & your family. Donnie & Tiffany

JO said...

30 is fantastic. Way to go. The chemo is working for you. I know it sucks but if it is doing it's job, so I suppose it is worth it. Hopefully, you will get a chemo break soon. I hope the mouth wash and other medication works for you.

I am going to send you a separate email about our meeting today.

Hang in there, girlfriend.

Love ya, JO

Laura Nicholas said...

I am so happy for you! Finally some good news to cheer about. Congrats!


Raelyn said...

Great, Great News! Stop by and say Hi next Wed!!