Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here's me attempting to get a photo of Spencer with his "Big Boy" haircut at the 4th Grade Swim party we were at today (see Mt. Hood in the background?). I had my camera with my 300mm lens, so I wasn't up close and personal and he still managed to keep an eye on me and ruin every picture. The last shot kind of gives you an idea of his new do.

We had a fun filled weekend full of parties and friends. Here are a few from the swim party today
It was nice to reconnect with old classmates and meet some new ones too!

Dave was invited to go up to Seattle with some friends for the Mariners Game vs the Athletics today and had a great time too. Due to rain, they had to close the roof of Safeco Field. They sat about 12 rows up behind home plate. The Mariners won 8-4 and there were 4 home runs hit, so it was a great game to watch.

Looking forward to my week off of chemo, but am worried about starting again next Tues, when school starts. Need to be firing on all pistons for the chaos that is about to ensue. This is actually probably our quietest week of the summer since there are no dance or gym classes this week, only soccer and martial arts. I do have jury duty on Thursday though. NOT looking forward to that! Hope to see some movies, meet friends for coffee and clean out some dressers/closets in an attempt to prepare for school.

Finally, hugs going out to my fellow cancer survivor, Eileen, who is in the hospital and to another gal from my support group, Leslie, who passed away this morning. You and yours are in my heart.



Laura Nicholas said...

Shauna - I am so sorry to hear about another loss in your support group. Her and her family are in my thoughts.

Great pics of Spencer though - just goes to show his age. I have a hard time getting good ones now too.

Enjoy your restful week - as much as you can... Sounds like you had a busy weekend. A quiet week - do you even have those??? LOL

Sorry we missed a movie yesterday - soon!


Paris said...

Great pics! Love 'em. Spencer's new 'do looks cool. Sorry to hear about the ladies in your group. So much sadness. Glad that Dave could sneak away to a game with friends. I hope you get lots done this week... I need to do the same. Hope we can fit in a coffee date though. Thanks for inviting me to the movies, even though it didn't work out. We need to do that soon. Hope we can start walking again when school starts. Love ya, p

Anonymous said...

Spencer's new hair cut makes him look so much older...scary...I tried texting him the other day, but I don't think he ever has his phone on. At least K still likes getting her picture taken or you would be up a creek