Friday, August 22, 2008

That's Using Your Head!

Here are some photos of the Portland Timbers Soccer Camp at PGE Park that Spencer attended this week. It was run by some of the coaches and professional players from the Timbers.

Here are some photos of Spencer working on heading the ball drills....
Here's a photo of the players at the end of camp, signing T-shirts and Balls that they had given the players, along with a ticket to a game of their choice. Spencer won one of the contests, so Kiki, the player in the front of the photo, is leaving him a ticket at will call for the game against Miami. Spencer is too "mature" (HA!) to pose for photos now, so I have to be sneaky and take them when he's not looking. Like this one with him in the background, taking his new ball out of the package. It's rare I get photos of him nowadays, so it's fun to be able to finally share some.

He really enjoyed this camp and I think he gained a lot of self confidence back during this week. Kiki had taken him aside and asked him what team he played for and if he played other sports. He told Spencer he was a good player! Spencer acted like it was no big deal, but I know he felt good about that. He had to!

You'll notice Spencer's hair is a bit long in these photos. He went and got a "big boy" haircut with my hair dresser at her salon right after camp on Thursday. Now he's sporting a short new do for the school year, complete with some gel to give the top of his hair a little spike! However, he refuses to allow me to take any photos of him and his new do! Maybe I'll get some at one of the 2 parties they are attending this weekend! I'll hide in the bushes like the paparazzi. Stalking my own kid. LOL

Tonight is Etta's memorial from 6-9pm. I hope to go if I can sneak away when my hubby or my mom get home at some point tonight. Another lady from my support group is in the hospital now too with a blood clot in her brain and some newly discovered mets (tumors) on her brain. :( I might try and go see her at St. Vincent's over the weekend.

It was super fun to see Women's Rhythmic Gymnastics on TV the last two days! That is the kind of gymnastics that Kaelin does. If you seen it, you'll see that her body type is much more condusive to that style of gymnastics than the Shawn Johnson sort. Kaelin has the same body type as all of those Rhythmic Gymnasts, tall, long, lean and flexible. Athough unfortunately I think she has my bad back, as her back isn't as flexi as theirs! If you get a chance, check it out! It's like dancing ballet with acrobatic tricks thrown in, while throwing a ball, hoop, rope, or ribbon at the same time! It's very graceful and beautiful.

I'm loving the Olympics. I'm a total addict. I can't wait for them to end so I can get some serious sleep!! Bad luck for our athletes in the Track and Field events this Olympics. And the Jaimaican, Bolt, unbelievable. He is a specimen!!! So fun to watch him run.

Enjoy your weekend! Go USA!


Paris said...

Great pics of Spencer at soccer camp. What an awesome experience for him. Can't wait to see his new 'do. I will be thinking of you tonight, and your friend in the hospital will be in my prayers. So sad. I, too, watched the rhythmic gymnastics and thought of K. So elegant and beautiful. LOVE the track and field. Even I stayed up until 11pm to watch... that is late for me ;) So good to talk to you today. Hope we can get together over the weekend or next week. Love ya, p

Laura Nicholas said...

wow that Spencer is looking tall! My soon to be 13 year old is also not into having his picture... What is up with that?

Been thinking about you alot lately. Keeping you close with happy thoughts.


JO said...

Loved seeing pictures of Spencer. Good looking boy.

I went to Etta's service and will send you an email about it later. My Mom and Lloyd are here and my brother (the doctor-I have some questions for him about my WBC count) will be here later today. The rest of my family comes later in the week for our family reunion next weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend. The weather is suppose to be fantastic.

Love ya,