Friday, August 29, 2008

Duty Served.

Finished up the trial today. I didn't want to do jury duty coming into it, but was really glad I did. I found it very interesting. I actually enjoyed it and looked forward to it and was a little sad to see it end. My fellow jurors were a great bunch and we had fun hanging out and not talking about the trial when we were sequestered in the jury room. We talked a lot of sports.

We finished up about 12 today and I met Paris @ Starbucks and then went by myself to see a movie since the kids were hanging at Grannies. I ended up seeing "House Bunny" because it was at the right time. Not an award winner by any means. Cute, funny storyline, just not carried out very well. Most of the audience were teenage girls. It was a nice break. I've been wanting to go to the movies for several weeks now.

Tomorrow we have our Neighborhood Picnic/BBQ and then Sunday another BBQ to go to. Need to totally clean up my house and do laundry. Have chemo on Tuesday. School starts officially on Wed, along with the chaos that goes with it. Not sure how we're going to manage/juggle everything. It will be what it will be.

HOpe you all have a wonderful 3 day weekend!



Paris said...

I'm so happy that it ended up being a good experience for you, and that it didn't take long. So great to hang out with you yesterday. Bummed that I couldn't join you at the movies. Next time :) I hope you have a great time at all the BBQ's this weekend. Don't work too hard at cleaning up your house. I need to do the same thing, but it seems hopeless ;) Good luck next week w/chemo and the kids going back to school. LMK if there is anything I can help with. Love you, p

Laura Nicholas said...

you always make the best out of any situation - you can even make jury duty an interesting experience.... lol glad to hear it ended on a good note for you. Sounds like another busy weekend for you. Best of luck next week. I will be thinking of you.