Thursday, August 21, 2008

Giving Back

I spent the evening at the home of one of the Board of Directors of Write Around Portland, who also happens to be a Catlin Gabel mom, at a fundraising party for the program. I had the honor of reading my poem The Valley of the Shadow of Death, along with two other workshop participants from other programs. They were very gracious and treated us like celebrities. It was an honor to be there and to give back to a program that has given so much to me. I also enjoyed meeting other Catlin Gabel families and hearing other participants readings and stories. There were drinks and appetizers and unbelievable chocolate cupcakes with caramel in the middle and sea salt sprinkled on top!! I need the recipe for those!!! It was a very moving evening that helped me get some perspective back after a long, hard week.

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Paris said...

I'm so glad that it was a good experience for you, as I know you would have rather been at home in your jammies when I talked to you ;) You are so good at "giving back"... I really don't know how you do it. You rock!! And those cupcakes...OMG. We definitely need the recipe!! If you get it, I will make you some :) Love you, p