Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Angel in Heaven

Laura Rachel Allan

I met Laura in Reno while we were there for alternative therapy. We spent every day infusing together for 3 weeks. I'll never forget seeing her on the first day. She looked like she wasn't going to make it through the day. It was amazing to see her each day and see the life come back into her. By the end of our trip, as you can see from the photos, she became stronger, healthier and more alive. She regained color and vitality. She brought tears to my eyes when she'd sit there and play her guitar and sing songs to us as we were all infusing for 3 hours at a time together. She sang like an angel. It was so amazing that such a strong voice came out of such a small, weak person. It gave me so much hope and filled me with strength. It was so fun when she came in with her new wigs.
She was so happy and upbeat and relaxed and low key. She was very mellow, just like you'd imagine a musician to be.

Several days ago, my friend Shanna who visited me in Reno, asked me about Laura and if I'd heard from her. I told her I had sent her a Christmas card, but hadn't heard back from her. I told her I needed to email her or something. Shanna then went and googled her and a couple of days ago informed me that she had passed in May, after a 6 month battle with Uterine cancer. Here are a few links associated with Laura and her music and life. She had a very successful music career and wrote songs for and played with some big names in the industry. Her mother, who died in a tragic car accident in 2006, was a revered professor at Cal Berkeley.

This has hit me pretty hard. This disease is so unpredictable and stealth and one week the patients are fine and the next week, they're gone. I've seen this happen with the ladies in my support group time and time again. It breaks my heart. And it scares the daylights out of me. I'm tired of losing people to this nasty disease. I don't want to be lost either. It's so hard to watch without thinking of yourself and wondering when your time will come. If you'll know. If you'll be ready to let go. Why did she live only 6 months after diagnosis? Why am I still here 2 years later after mine? How long do I really have? It just stirs up so much emotional stuff. Which never goes away. It's always there. Lurking. The doubt. The fear. The pain. It sucks ya know?

Anyways, I didn't mean for this post to be a woe is me, but more of a tribute to my dear friend Laura who I just learned passed in May. I love the inscription she wrote on her CD she gave me while in Reno. It reads "for my wig buddy and IV drip line Bag Bud. I love you all at once and feel so close to you." She autographed it and wrote the date, 02-08-08. That was one day before we left to fly home. She made my Reno experience so special and magical and soulful.
Here's a song she sang us while we were there, titled "I'm in Good Shape" (for the shape I'm in).
I will miss her presence in this world and want to thank her for walking in this world with me. She was a warrior and she never gave up fighting. Goodbye my friend. I'll see you again someday and can't wait to sit at your feet and listen to you sing...



Paris said...

Laura was really someone special. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her. What a beautiful voice heaven will now be able to hear from its newest angel. I'm so sorry that this horrible disease has taken yet another precious friend of yours. Nothing about it is fair or right. I, for one, am so grateful that you are here with us. We are so blessed that you have been given this time, and I know you will have many years ahead. You are so strong and such an incredible fighter. You are truly someone special too, my dear friend. Love you, p

nic said...

I'm sorry, Shauna. I'm listening to Laura's song right now - her voice is just beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss, but so glad you meet such beautiful people.
Love to you.

Angie said...

I remember you writing about her. Such a sad loss...

Nightscrapper said...

I'm really sorry for your loss. I know you wrote about her and how she touched your life. I'm sure she probably touched others in that same way. Don't get discouraged! Keep fighting UCLA!! Hugs!

Laura Nicholas said...

Oh I am so sorry. You spoke so highly of Laura. I knew she had to be an amazing person just by the name.... lol She sounded like an amazing force. You are such a result of all these strong people around you.

Stay strong!

JO said...

Oh, Shauna: I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Laura. I remember her picture and you writing such wonderful things about her in your blog. I wish you could have been there to tell her goodbye. But I am sure she knew that you thought of her often. And how nice that you can always listen to her music and remember what a wonderful friend she was.

Love, JO

tricia moorea aka gypsy said...

shauna, you were blessed to have known her and she you. I was lucky enough to be able to play music with her in the 1970's when she was young and disease free. I got back in touch with her about 7 years ago through email and caught up. I was devastated to hear she passed and from such a gruesome disease. Her music and talents will always be remembered as she left her heart print wherever she went.

You can also see pictures of her at and hear her sing in her younger years at

aloha nui loa to you, blessings and light, Tricia Moorea aka Gypsy