Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Kaelin got her hair cut today. She didn't want to. She usually gets it trimmed. Just a little bit off the ends so it doesn't even look cut. She's never really "cut" her hair. But it was damaged and tangly and starting to look like dreadlocks! So I told the hairdresser to cut off the damaged ends so it's healthy. Um...that ended up being 9 inches! Kaelin pouted ALL DAY long. She was crushed. She was so upset that it wasn't as easy to put into her low ponytail. That pieces of it fell out of her pony. That people might think she looks "weird" when she goes back to school. I mean, this girl, who NEVER cries, and is as tough as nails, was in tears afterwards. And she flat out refused to get another inch cut off so she could donate it to locks of love. She was holding on to as much as she could. I tried so hard to talk her into it. Even offered to pay her money. She wasn't going to give up that extra inch. No how. No way. So now she's really upset with me. :( I feel really bad and I totally understand, but maybe this will teach her a lesson to take better care of it. I'm not sure how many days she went without brushing it. I warned her. I feel like a terrible mom today. Oh, and it didn't help that she started out upset with me because I scheduled her appointment for 415pm and the neighborhood picnic/BBQ started at 4! She didn't want to miss a minute.

We did have fun at the picnic though. And after awhile, she let it go and relaxed and tried to catch the water balloons launched by the water balloon slingshot and she shot some herself. We played some frisbee too and she was really upset that we didn't get a wiffle ball game going. We weren't organized, so our picnic lunch ended up being Subway and they forgot to put her sandwich in the bag, so that is what actually set off her tears. But that was the haircut that instigated that. That just sent her over the edge. Dave was a trooper and went back and got her a sandwich. We have another BBQ tomorrow. Maybe we can get a wiffle ball game in then.

We've spent the last two nights as a family together hanging out at Borders Books. Reading the newspaper, magazines, books and DAve working on his laptop. It's been nice.

NOT looking forward to chemo on Tuesday. Hoping Tuesday NEVER comes for many reasons.

Been cleaning out bookshelves and drawers and donating stuff to the Catlin Gabel rummage center and selling books to Powells. Trying to get the kids rooms in order before school starts. I'll work on my chaos once they go back to school.

Next week we are back to soccer (Rec and Middle school for Spencer), Rhythmic Gymnastics (13 hours a week), Acrobatics (1.5 hours a week), Martial Arts (1 hour a week), school and homework. Late dinners. Lots of driving back and forth, here and there. NOt sure I am ready to take this all on. But we thrive on that.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!



Laura Nicholas said...

I am so sorry you had such a rough day. K looks great though! The haircut looks so very cute. If anything now, it will be so much easier for her to take care of it. I hope your day goes better today...


Paris said...

Oh boy... tough day for K. So sorry about that. I think her hair looks fab. I bet it will grow really fast now, and be really healthy :) Have fun w/the rest of your weekend. BBQ's and Borders sound perfect to me. Good luck with the chaos next week. It will definitely be a shock to the system for us too. Love, p

JO said...

When looking at Kaelin's photo, it looks like the "before" picture. Her hair looks really long. Hair problems can be tramatic. (as we both know!)

Sounds like you had a nice family weekend. I did also, since we had our family reunion on Sat.

Hope to see you on Wed. Good luck on Tuesday. I'll be thinking about you.

Love ya, JO

Anonymous said...

I think her hair is adorable. The good thing about hair is that it grows fairly quickly and b4 she knows it, it will be extra long again. Poor darling, I know things like this can be so traumatic even when it's your idea.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. I know it's a chemo week so please let me know if there is anything you need. I'll call about acro Wed too!

Love you! Jaci

ali said...

Sorry about the rough day! I tell ya, I have been there! I think her hair looks great! It is still long!

Melissa said...

Her hair is adorable. Just an FYI.. Pantene's Beautiful Lengths only needs 8 inches of hair.. something to nkow if there is a next time! They make wigs available for free through the American Cancer Society.