Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Family Afffair

Wilkinson Family Reunion (4 generations)
August 2, 2008 Mud Mountain Dam Park, Buckley, WA (55 degrees!!!)

The reunion organizer and matriarch of the family, Grampa Crow

The Wilkinson Sisters

The Immel Family branch

We had so much fun! We played frisbee (and some of us did more chewing than catching) and we played soccer and we played baseball and we played in the fountain and some of us showed off new babies in orange like Katie with August

and Tony with Harley (although he doesn't have to change it's diapers, only the oil!)

and we ate

and we drank

and we laughed and we cried (some of us didn't want to get out of the fountain, even if it was cold!)

and we played on the playground (or sat there and pretended to be too cool to play)

and MOST of the girls got lost in their imagination in the wild flowers (well, dandelions but wild flowers sounds better!)

and they even opened a flower shop (here's a photo of their best customers!)you'll notice that one girl is missing. It's because she was too busy playing basketball

and wiffle ball (do you know how many times today she's asked us to play with her?)
and doing her new Rubiks Cube (she had to get one after her brother did)
I took over 300 photos total! We got there about 12pm and left about 6pm! It's taking me forever to upload the photos to my Shutterfly account so I can share them with the family! I hope they had as much fun as we all did! Can't wait until next year!! Someone bring the sun next time!!!
Shauna (who is almost done with "Breaking Dawn!" The reunion got in the way of my reading time, but it was worth it!)


Angie said...

looks like a great time...and 55 degrees! WOW. Have a GREAT week.

Paris said...

What great photos. So glad you guys could be there. Hope the sun comes out next year!! Gotta love August in the PNW ;) I just passed the halfway point in Breaking Dawn. Had to wait for Nat to finish it first. Will be thinking of you today. LMK if you need anything. Love, p

Laura Nicholas said...

hey there girl - looks like you had a great time at the reunion. awesome pictures!


JO said...

Looks like you have a wonderful family. Awesome pictures. Glad so many of you live close enough to get together occasionally.

I'm thinking about you today as you have your chemo. We are headed to Lake Billy Chinook for a few days to stay with friends, so I won't be at the meeting but I'll be thinking about you all.

Love ya, JO

threekidsnme said...

Great pics as always! The little girl in purple holding the soccer ball reminds me of you! Is she a blood relative?