Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

The kids helped me with my to do list on Saturday before going over to my in-laws for the weekend. What a big help they were cleaning up my house! Dave and I then went and saw "Pineapple Express" which was pretty funny. It's by the same people as "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up", so you have to have that sort of sense of humor to really enjoy it. There were definately some parts that I LOLed at. It was basically about a couple of "stoners" so it was hard to relate to, but they were fun to laugh at just the same. Are people really like that? And SethRonen or whatever the actors name, made an appearance in his tightie whities and that was hysterical! James Franco, who played Peter Parker's BFF in "Spiderman" before turning all evil, was supirsingly perfect for the part!

I am so grateful that my kids were able to spend the weekend at my in-laws because I so so so needed a break from them!!! It seems we have spent so much time together this summer and that they are at that age where they are either bickering, tattling on each other or having so much fun together they are wild banchies running through my house! And if you've ever been to my house, the layout is such that it is just one big room! It's impossible to even escape inside your head sometimes! It was so nice not to have to feed, nag, referee, tell them to go to bed, etc! And my house stayed clean and picked up while they were gone! It was a treat! We spent some time at the dog parks and the book store and I actually spent a lot of time just sitting on the couch in the peace and quiet and reading magazines, newspapers, folding laundry and watching the Olympics.

Actually, speaking of the Olympics, how much fun was it to see the USA take that 400m relay? I stayed up much too late last night watching the women's volleyball. My mom reminded me that when I was about Kaelin's age, she couldn't drag me away from the Olympics on TV. And that she'd find me out in the yard or driveway jumping over trash cans. Must have been the hurdler or highjumper in me! Dave has been lacking sleep too due to the Olympics. He had to watch the men's basketball of course.

A shout out to the Murray Hill, Beaverton Little League team who represented Oregon at the Regionals in San Bernidino California! What a run they had before losing to the Mill Creek, Washington team in the finals. It was on ESPN and was fun to watch, even if the game televised before it went into extra innings and we didn't get to really "see" the game until the 6th inning! We are so proud of them and what a great experience that was for them! Wow!!! Way to go guys! You ROCK!

Not much else to report around here. It's back to soccer for both kids, Spencer is doing martial arts and Kaelin is still doing elite acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics. Looking forward to my week off of chemo and an open upcoming weekend again, with nothing on the docket! Thinking about maybe heading out for a day at the beach before school starts.

I still have yet to tackle the mess I made in my living room when I was cleaning out cupboards and going through boxes of scrapbooking/cardmaking/craft supplies, paperwork and momentos. I just don't want to deal with it, so I don't. I run away and go to movies, read books and meet friends for coffee instead. It's time I deal. All the things I had on my to do list for the summer are still there. Unfinished as usual. I just don't want to spend my weeks off of chemo doing that. Ugh. Chemo Mondays come so quickly and off chemo weeks go so fast. I'm getting so darn tired of it. It's so freaking old I tell ya! I just want my life back. I want some sense of normal. This just doesn't feel normal to me. It's like I don't recognize my life or myself anymore! Anyways, that's all the whining I'm going to do about that.

I do have jury duty coming up August 23rd. I tried to get out of it, but only got it postponed because it was scheduled for a chemo week last time. Hopefully that will be short and sweet and it won't be long and dragged out because I definately don't want to spend my off chemo week in trial ya know?

Ok, off to enjoy the rest of my day before my kiddos are returned to me. Probably should think about groceries and dinner and stuff like that. It was fun feeling like a bachelorette for a few days, reminded me of the peace and quiet and time to myself I had in Reno when I spent 3 weeks there doing alternative therapy in Jan/Feb. A girl could really get used to that ya know? Love my kids and miss them, but time to myself was a luxery!

Have a great week!

p.s. it feels weird not having any photos to post.


Paris said...

So happy that you could have a relaxing weekend. Just what the doctor ordered :) I bet the kids had fun at granny's house. We are enjoying the Olympics too... so exciting! Nat is kinda bummed that there isn't more coverage of equestrian events. I can't wait for track and field to start! Love the swimming, gymnastics, volleyball... all of it!! Have a GREAT week. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Love, p

Anonymous said...

YEAH for time without kids. Love them dearly but need breaks too!

Enjoying some of the Olympics, actually a lot of them but TG for tivo. We didn't watch the relay til this morning. Too much to stay up til midnight IMO.

Alexandra left at 7:15 this am for Canyonview, her fav christian horsecamp. She lives for this place, lol.

I'm still trying to wrap up this 2nd phase of the grant so I can head north to care for mom. Life can be interesting!

LOL about the trash can jumping, love that visual!

Hugs! Jaci

JO said...

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend. Glad you and Dave could have a little "couple" time together.

We also have been enjoying the Olympics. Wish they weren't on so late.

Not sure yet if I will be at group on Wednesday. We are going camping on Thursday and have lots to do to get ready.

Have a great week.

Love ya, JO

Katie Hacker said...

I hear ya, girlfriend! I had dinner with some mom friends on Friday and you should have heard me peel out of the driveway when I left! Sometimes you just need a break :)

Laura Nicholas said...

I am so glad you had a relaxing weekend. You deserve it. They go by way too fast though. When Tom and the boys are gone on a campout, seems like they are really on gone a few hours.


Loni said...


You know that special feeling Laura infused in you by singing? You do that for us, just by being you.