Friday, August 8, 2008


What a fun night we spent at PGE Park, sitting in a suite with good friends, and watching the Portland Timbers play the Seattle Sounders in soccer. It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Just what we all needed after a hard, stressful week full of chemo, The Hoop being sold to the YMCA and the plane crash in Gearhart affecting our school community. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Reimann family.

Congrats to the Murray Hill Little League team representing Oregon at Regionals in San Bernidino, CA! They won their semi final game tonight and play Washington in the finals Saturday night (6 or 630pm game?). Tune into ESPN, it's going to be televised! The Pacific NW is representing!!! Our neighbor Scott Zanon is the coach and his son Jacob is on the team. Three girls on Kaelin's soccer team have brothers on the team so The Red Magic Soccer team is excited and cheering them on! Go Murray Hill!



Paris said...

So happy you could go have some fun after such a rough week. Hate that things are so hard for you. I just know that things will start looking up soon. Thanks for the calendar you gave to Nat. She just loved it. It was great to see you, if even for just a second (literally!!). Life is just too busy right now!! Very cool about the MH team. Keep me posted on how they do. Off to start another crazy day... Love you, p

JO said...

Sounds like a great time at PGE park. Glad the weather was nice. We have been at Lake Billy Chinook for a few days and will have the grandkids here for the weekend. Fun,fun,fun.

With that terrible plane crash, doesn't it make you realize just how precious life is?!

Hope you have a good weekend and hope to see you on Wednesday.

Love ya, JO