Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "J" Team

Guess who got selected for the jury? Yep. That would be me of course. Me with the not so good luck! First I was picked in the first 18. Then I made it to the 12. And then the final 6. So I sat in a criminal trial today and I get to go back tomorrow and do it again! I just hope it's over tomorrow because I have chemo scheduled Tuesday (due to the holiday). Actually, I'd much rather do jury duty than chemo any day! I'm making a whopping $10 a day. Hey, I'm unemployed and on disability, so everything helps! I can put it towards paying my chemo next week.

The kids are staying at Dave's mom's house while I'm in trial and having a fabulous time as always.

Wednesday night we dressed in red and walked in the "Run for the Reiman's" (the family that was renting the beach house that was hit by a plane). Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera and capture the powerful image of the sea of people wearing red. It was breathtaking and powerful. What a great community we live in. It is amazing how good people really are. If you want to donate funds, you can do so at any Wells Fargo Bank. Just ask to deposit it into "The Reiman Family Fund". Our thoughts, prayers and hearts continue to be with them as they heal and mourn. We look forward to seeing Chris back at school next week.

I hope you all enjoy your Fridays!



Jean said...

ooohh..I love jury duty!!!!!
Lukcy duck!

Paris said...

Hope you finish up today. So bummed that we had to cancel our play date. Will look forward to rescheduling next week. Saw the tv coverage on the walk for the Reimann's... very powerful stuff and I'm so glad that you could be a part of it. Miss you and love you, p

JO said...

I have never been on jury duty but I know I would be terrible. I am sure I would "side" with the person that was talking at that time. Hope today is your last day.

Have a great weekend - 3 days. Then it is off to school your kids go.

Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Love ya, JO

Laura Nicholas said...

oh what luck you have, girl... hopefully it will finish up today. have a good long weekend. can't believe school starts next week already!!! so not ready.