Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CA125 Results

from my doctor:

Yes, good news, the result from 9/16/08 is stable at 32.


:) normal is 35 or below.



JO said...
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JO said...

Yea, Shauna!

I am so happy that your CA125 counts are great. That means that your chemo is "doing it's job!" So, hang in there and I bet you will be getting a chemo break soon.

Hey, have fun today with your girlfriend. I am headed to meet some girlfriends today, also. Guess this is "Girlfriends Day." So, "Happy Girlfriends Day, Girlfriend!" I miss you......

Love ya, JO

Jean said...

OMG, I am doing the happy dance for you! That is wonderful news!
I'm so thrilled! Hope you have a wonderful wonderful day!
hugs to you!!

Loni said...

I was so happy (make that SO HAPPY!) to read that you had a weekend of fun and side-splitting laughs, Shauna. And even more happy to read that the dreaded chemo is working. Hang in there!

ali said...

FANTASTIC news Shauna! Sooooo glad to hear!!!!

Paris said...

Doing the happy dance here in Idaho for you! Yahoo!! Wish I was there to give you a big hug, my friend. So good to visit w/you last night. Hope you got everything packed okay for Spencer!! Love to you, p

Anonymous said...

Hot damn, this is such great news!!!!You WILL beat this beast, you will, you will, you will!

Scotts mom is having her 3rd round of chemo today. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

That news just made my day!