Monday, September 22, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance????

These girls do!!!

Kaelin and I went to see "So You Think You Can Dance" tour at The Rose Garden last night with Alaina, Jacie, Alexandra and their friends the Bluhms. What fun we all had! It was amazing! We had fun running into the Haywards while we were there! Kaelin got a "Twitch" T-shirt and wore it right away. Twitch is one of her favorite dancers, along with Chelsea, Carrington and Gev. It's funny because at the Hannah Montana Concert, Kaelin wouldn't let me buy her a t-shirt, no matter how hard I begged!! People might think she likes girl stuff of something??? But she let me buy her this t-shirt and she put it on right away and wore it to school the next day! It was a great way to wrap up an action packed, fun filled weekend chalk full of friends and fun!

I've got to get to bed, but I will post photos of my weekend with the out of town girls soon! I haven't laughed that long, hard or much since I don't know when. I'm talking laugh til you cry and til your sides ache.

Have a Great week!


Jean said...

what a cute bunch of girls! Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

We had a blast with you and Kaelin, I'm SOOO glad we all went together. Alexandra also wore her shirt to school and was the envy of many middle schoolers. LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you guys had such a good time, and that you and K got to spend some good time together!

JO said...

Looks like Kaelin had a fun time. Can't wait for your blog about your girlfriend weekend. So glad that you had such a good time. You should do that more often.

I went to Betsy's service. It was very nice. Penny was also there.

I won't be at at group on Wednesday either because I am meeting a couple of girlfriends for lunch.

I miss seeing you. Hope we can get together some time, if not at group.

Love ya, JO

Katie Hacker said...

I have been thinking about you and Paris because I stayed up until 2am reading Twilight last night. I didn't know much about it until you guys blogged about it and then Craig read it and then I just had to read it. Last night. After a nap and some coffee, I feel almost normal enough to start on the next book...