Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CT Scan time again

Ugh. Seems like I just had one. My appt. is tomorrow at 9am. At least I won't have to fast all day first like last time since it's first thing in the am. The doctor wanted to see if there is any change with stopping the oxcilliplatin (the drug I developed an allergy to after all this time). The last scan was to establish a baseline before going without the oxcilliplatin. Dave feels like it's going to be good news. I HATE getting these scans. Afraid of what they may find. Afraid to get my hopes up. And I HATE drinking that prep drink!!! Ewww. I'm sure so many CT Scans can't be all that good for you either, since they inject you with radioactive dye! :( But what is a girl to do??? Gotta be a good cancer patient and follow the doctor's orders.

Spencer has an appt. with the doctor on Thursday because he has a lump on his chest that he's freaking out over, afraid he may have cancer. Could be puberty or something, so I told him not to worry. But he's freaked out so we're going to get it looked at so he can put his mind and imagination at ease.

Cross your heart, eyes, legs, fingers and toes for us both this week! Thanks!



Paris said...

Eyes, fingers, legs, toes, heart all crossed for you and S. Hope the appointments go well and you both get good news. Sooo good to walk with you today. What a gorgeous morning. See you on Thurs. Please let me know if you need anything. Love, p

Jean said...

Aw, I'm sorry you have to have another CT scan! I hear ya..I hate them myself. I've had 5 in the last year and I don't like them at all. The drink is horrid-do you do berry or apple? Last time I had apple and I liked it better! The dye part I hate too!!!! Good luck! I feel it will be good news!
Best of luck to Spencer too!!

laura said...

definitely keeping you BOTH in my thoughts!! :)

Nightscrapper said...

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all is well. Think positive girl!!

I'm keeping Spencer in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Laura Nicholas said...

Everything I have is crossed, Girl. I hope the CT goes smoothly and results come back with flying colors. I will be thinking of Spencer too - I hate the not knowing, especially when it comes to our kids. I will be hoping that it is nothing and you all can be at ease with that...

Look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Raelyn said...

I feel your pain girl..mine is in 2 weeks. I can barely swallow the prep drink without it coming up. Do you get your port accessed to do your CT scans? Last time, they didn't have the right needle and I was poked 8 times (I think I told you that. I think they finally got in the right needles because of that. I finally switched to Protonix for my stomach..what a mess. I hope that clears up soon because it sure is giving me troubles. Hopefully I will see you next time around if you are back on your Mon-Wed schedule. Prayers abounding for you and your son!

JO said...

Good luck with your CT scan. I will be thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way.

I'm glad that they aren't passing the candle for Betsy tomorrow so maybe you can be there next week for it. Bet her memorial will be next week also.

Good luck to Spencer with his doctor appointment. I am sure it is nothing. What a shame he has to worry about it until Thursday.

See you in a week.

Love ya, JO

My name is Shanna said...

I have things crossed that I didn't even know COULD cross! lol (promoting images yet?) ;o)

I am counting down the days until I can give you an overdue hug! Just 1 more week and 1 day!!!! Wooo hooooo!!!

On an up note, I spoke with my friend, Ingrid, tonight. She is a cancer survivor and had a recent scare. She informed me tonight that all tests and her MRI came back clear and she is doing just fine. She will hit her 5 year mark in March 2009 and I offered to share in any celebration she may have. Anyway, nice to have some good cancer news today.

Hugs and love coming your way, but only until I can deliver it in person!


Katie Hacker said...

Hey, Shauna. Sending you hugs today. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving sweet comments. It's nice to know that we can visit each other in the blogosphere. There should be a virtual Starbucks...

Rosalyn said...

My son had the same thing when he was about Spencer's age. Turned out to be nothing, very common for boys. He's now almost 30 and in the best of health with two little ones of his own. Kind of scary for a kid, though!