Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Richest Woman in the World!!!!

I've got friends from out of town coming out of my ears!! How lucky am I???? I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!! And the richest when it comes to friends.

Last weekend several girls from an online Scrapbooking community, The Cropping Cactus, that I have belonged to for about 10 years, flew into town from all over and spent several days blessing us with their presence. The group gets together annually and have held gatherings in several places over the years: Arizona, Vegas, California to name a few. I remember one year we spent the days right after 9/11 together. That was a powerful one. This year the group voted on where to hold the gathering and Oregon won!! I was so grateful as it's not good to fly when you're undergoing chemo due to the germs in the stuffy plane and hotel, and even after doing chemo due to lymphadema (swelling). So Shanna flew in from California, Ali flew in from Utah and Angie flew in from Indiana,Michelle and Heidi flew in from Arizona and then Laura, and Paris and I joined them for loads of fun! We had dinner at Chevy's and they pretended it was my birthday, and it was so funny because we passed around the hat and dessert and we all took photos with them!It was a nice way to end a hard chemo week. Laughter is definately the best medicine and I haven't laughed so long or hard since I can't remember when!!! Just what the doctor ordered.

Don't forget our night to "So You Think You Can Dance" with our dear friends the Wilsons and crew on Sunday nightAnd then I told you all about my friend Sheila from UCLA who flew into town on Wednesday from Seattle. Such a treat and a good way to get over the "hump".And if that isn't enough, I get a call from Loni, one of my bestest friends since 8th Grade, asking if I'm free on Saturday! So to cap off the week of friendfest, Loni and her family came down from Seattle and over today and took us to Pizzacato for dinner!You'll notice my kids aren't in the photo. One is 13 and thinks he's too cool and Kaelin is the stellar photographer!!!!

If all that doesn't make me the luckiest girl in the world, add the lunch date I had with my friend, Yayoi on Thursday and the time I spent with my friend, Elizabeth on Friday morning, plus all of the wonderful emails, texts, phone calls and posts on my blog and I'd say I'm spoiled rotten to the core with wonderful friends!!! Thank you all for making my life so full and rich!!!

To top off our busy week, Spencer had an overnight trip with his 8th grade class to Silver Falls Wednesday and Thursday and then today we had 4 soccer games to spectate! We had to divide and conquer!

Dave took Spencer to his two games, which he tied 1-1 (he was the assist!) and won 3-0 (scoring a goal) and I took Kaelin to her U11 tournament game in Canby, where they won 6-0 and then to her U12 league game, which they won 5-0. Kaelin enjoyed playing "Stopper" immensely. (Whatever that is??? lol). I'm going to nickname her "Sassquach" and call her "Big Foot" for short! LOL!Thanks to Stan and Allen from HOTP (my former work) for coming out to watch Kaelin play today (since they live just down the street!). We'll be back at the park at 8am tomorrow morning for another game and then we'll see where we fall in the championship brackets! So another day spent on the field! But I love it! And so does Kaelin, who when told she was playing in a tournament this weekend asked " Is that where we play more than one game?" and after I said yes, she pumps her arms and says "YES!!!!!!!" excitedly!!!! So bring it on!!!!! Bring on the teammates and parents/friends on the sidelines!

Have a great Sunday!!!!


Angie said...

You've been one busy gal! I don't know how you do it.
Great to see all the photos.

Laura Nicholas said...

wow - what a busy week - you have got to be wiped out... But what a great way to get wiped out though right - good friends, good laughs and new memories... Congrats to the kids on their soccer games. Best of luck today too - hope you find time for a nap in there... :)


JO said...

Wow! You are right. You are one lucky gal, with all the friends that you have. But no one is a better friend, than you! That is why you are so loved by so many people.

Hope the soccer games went well today. Can you believe how hot it is?!

I have been in bed with a cold for a couple of days but got dressed today and tried to pretend that all is well...........

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

I think the success of ones life could easily be measured by the quality of friends one has and the loved shared with them. You are one LUCKY woman Ms Shauna and you know what, each of us who proudly calls you a friends is so very lucky also!!!!! SMOOCH, sending a big wet one your way!

After getting my oldest back from her relationship retreat, and having my youngest heading to two dif friends for sleepovers, and trying out a new stable for Alexandra...we now have a Chinese exchange student from Nanjing with us for the week. She's darling and bubbly and a delight!

Let me know if there is anything you need this week, I know you and Phillip probably have another hot week planned!

Love ya! Jaci

Paris said...

You are truly blessed to have so many special people in your life. I know I am truly blessed to have you in my life :) You are the best and I am so grateful to call you my friend. I have to say that any friend of yours is a friend of mine. To know you is to love you :) So bummed that I missed meeting Loni while I was in Idaho :( Darn!! Next time, okay? Soooo glad to be home and can't wait to see you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out this week. Oh, and congrats to the kiddos on the soccer games! Rock on, S and K!! Love to you, p

Loni said...


Sorry I missed you! Shauna and I are coming up with a plan for a rendevous.

Shauna, it was so good to see you and the kids, and joke around with Dave. Berit really clicked with him.

laura said...

that is so cool that you all got together! :) you all look awesome! :)