Monday, September 15, 2008

Chemo Round 9

Tuesday is my 9th of 12 rounds.
Will try and catch you all up tomorrow and post photos from the weekend.

Got a busy week ahead. Spencer had Catlin Gabel soccer practice tonight, he has a Catlin game tomorrow and then Modoc soccer practice Wed. and then Catlin soccer games Thurs. and Friday and 2 Modoc soccer games on Sat.

Kaelin had gymnastics tonight, she has soccer practice tomorrow night, Elite Acrobatics on Wed., Rhythmic Gymnastics on Thursday and she's skipping gym on Friday to go to the OES Homecoming game vs Catlin with her good friend Alaina from Gym/dance. Saturday she has a soccer game and then Sunday her and I are going to "So You Think You CAn Dance" at the Rose Garden with Alaina and her mom.

I've got a bunch of scrapbooking girlfriends coming in Thursday and Friday from Indiana, Arizona, California and Utah. Can't wait for some girl playtime! Just hope I can kick the chemo blues by then. We're not going to do any scrapbooking, just touristy stuff and dinner and maybe a movie and some fun, laugh your bum off time together. I might even get a room in the hotel so I can feel like I've gotten away too.

I'll try and be better with my blogging this week. The start of school is really kicking my tushy!



Paris said...

Good luck tomorrow!! Will be thinking of you. LMK if there is anything I can do. Thanks for walking this morning. What a gorgeous morning. Love you, p

Jean said...

Hope your chemo goes okay and you dont feel too lousy! I'm bumming that I can't be there this weekend. Sending hugs to you all though!

Loni said...

I'll be thinking of you today. And enjoy the time with your friends later this week after the uckiness goes away.

Hugs, Loni

ali said...

Hang in there Shauna!!! Thoughts and hugs coming your way! And REAL IN PERSON HUGS in 4 days! Woo Hoo!