Friday, September 12, 2008

The Results are In

09/10/08 CT Scan Results:

Hello, I did not get results back until today. Good news, everything is stable. There continues to be a small amount of tissue thickening in the upper abdomen between the stomach and colon, and a small amount of thickening around the bladder. No progression of these areas, and no new changes. Overall I would consider this stable and continued evidence of response to treatment. I will send you a copy of the full report. I hope you are feeling well.

7/03/08 Ct Scan results

I don't like the "thickening" part, but I'll take it. Can't complain too much.



Paris said...

Hey, that is great news! No worries about the "thickening". I'm sure everything is just fine. If it was an issue, your doc would have said so. And hopefully w/the rest of your chemo rounds things will stabilize even more! Good to talk to you today... can't wait to read your new writing masterpieces!! Love ya, p

Anonymous said...

This sounds like great news Shauna. You WILL beat this cancer. I know in my soul that you will!

Anonymous said...

This is really good news...any soccer games this weekend?

Laura Nicholas said...

i am so glad it sounds like good news. finally!!!!

it was so good to see you yesterday, even if it was just for a quick minute...

i hope that the rest of your day went smoothly...

Jean said...

This sounds like good news to me, Shauna. I agree w/Paris about the doc not being overly concerned about tht thickening. Hang in there and be well!!

Loni said...

Sounds good, Shauna bo-bauna!