Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Breezed in today

One of my best friends, fellow UCLA Pi Beta Phi sorority sister and roommate, Sheila, flew in from Seattle today and took the Max train to Beaverton to spend the day with me! I can't tell you how good it was to see her and how much fun it was to walk down memory lane and to catch up. She looks fabulous and I loved hearing all about her life! Some of my very best and favorite memories include her. We had so much fun in college together, with our 2 other friends, Rachel and Joni. We referred to ourselves as "The Four Seasons" because we completed each other and together we were magic! She was "Fall" and I was "Summer." Here's a photo of us after a day of enjoying Noah's Bagels, long talks at Starbucks drinking Chai Tea Lattes with Soy, and a stop at Border's Books before getting on the Max to head back to the airport...

Isn't she gorgeous? I love and adore this girl! Thanks for the girlfriend getaway today!! And thanks for the gift bag of fabulous goodies! Great to see you! I'll be texting you soon!!!! :)



Soochal said...

Shauna - Thank you for my gift, that was so thoughful. I look forward to using this this weekend when I'll be with my cousin.

You are so generous and sweet. I'm so glad to know such a special person.

Love to you.

Paris said...

So glad that you could spend time with your friend. I hope to meet her someday. What a beautiful pic of you two :) Miss you sooooo much!! Love ya, p

JO said...


You and Sheila look so good together. Aren't we lucky to have friends in our lives?! I bet the four of you had a ball in college. Memories are things that can never be taken away from us and I love all the memories I have of special times in my life. And we both have many more to come!

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a great weekend.

Again, I am so happy about your CA125's being so low. You GO GIRL!

Love ya, JO