Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hanginig Up My Cape

Never heard from my oncologist today in re: my ct scan.

Spencer's doctor appt. went well. The lump in his chest is symmetrical and right under his nipple. She said it's normal for pre-puberty boys to get that. It might come and go and as long as it's not changing shape and moving from below his nipple, he should be fine. So now he can put his mind to ease and stop worrying about having cancer. He weighed a whopping 91# today by the way.

Got a text from Trea and Travis...they're having a girl!! Due Feb. 3rd! (did I get that right Travis?) Congrats!!! Team Immel is so excited for Baby Connick! Bring it on!!!!

Signed up for another writing workshop with Write Around Portland (I think I'm the poster child for them!) that starts tomorrow and runs every Friday 11-1pm for 10 weeks!

Hanging up my cape now after a Supermom day.

Here's a crazy review of my day:

715am drug my sorry butt out of bed after a bad nights sleep
815 took the kids to school.
815-915am walked the track with Paris.
Had coffee and pumpkin loaf with Paris at Border's Books.
Read the newspaper, did the crossword puzzles and took a nap with Simba.
130pm Went shopping for food for Back to School Night (veggie tray, fruit salad and my new favorite pot luck accessory...cream puffs!).
230pm Dropped off food at school.
300pm Took both kids out of school a bit early to get to doc appt.
330pm Doctor's Appt.
Took them to Subway to get "dinner".
415pm Dropped Spencer off at school for his game.
445pm Dropped Kaelin off at Gymnastics across town. (an hour early for her 6-9pm class).
500pm Went back to school to watch Spencer's Middle School Soccer game (they won 6-2!)
Missed the Japanese Trip Meeting because the game started late
Missed the Back to School night feast because it was all gone!!!
7pm Joined Back to School Night late and Spencer went to a study hall
9pm My mom picked up Kaelin for me from gymnastics.
915pm End of Back to School Night
940pm Drove thru Dairy Queen because I promised the kids Blizzards.
10pm Arrived home grumpy, tired, and hungry.
1030pm Blogging and hoping Spencer finishes his homework soon....

Whew. Gotta love days like today though - so full of life!!!!!!!

And the weather today....GLORIOUS!

And TGIF!!!!!!


p.s. Taking a moment of silence today to remember those lost and affected by the 9/11 tragedy. I'll never forget that day. God Bless America one and all.


Paris said...

You are supermom!! Wowser. What a day. Thanks for walking and having coffee. Made my day and cheered me up. Hope that today will be much calmer for you! Enjoy your workshop. Thrilled that you are doing that again! So relieved about Spencer. Whew! Talk to you later on. Love, p

JO said...

Hi Shauna:

Glad Spenser's lump was nothing serious. As we know, every little symptom is a concern now to all of us.

I bet your scan was fantastic and that's why you haven't been notified.

We are taking off in a few minutes for Denny's boat race. Will be gone all weekend but will have my lap top with me so I will be checking in with you.

Have a super-duper weekend. The weather is going to be hot!

Love ya, JO

Anonymous said...

Yeah Feb. 2nd or 3rd! Glad Spencer is alright, and that you had a good big day filled with your kiddo's busy lives! You get more done in a day, than I think we do in a week. Amazing

Jean said...

Glad to hear Spencer is fine!
Very exciting on your workshop. You are so great at writing!!!!
I got tired just reading about your day!!!