Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spring in Japan (sounds nice eh?)

Got an email from Spencer's Japanese teacher:

I am writing this email to give you some great news. As you may have heard, the Middle School Japan Trip is happening this Spring. Even though there is still quite a bit of logistics to work out, I am very excited to have the chance to take your kids over there. We will be focusing our trip in the island of Kyushu (southernmost major island) and will be in Japan from March 12th to 25th (depending on flights). We have a huge numbers of activities planned which range from climbing a volcano and visiting a wild monkey park, to hands-on workshops on soba making, to watching the 2009 spring sumo championships, to also visiting Nagasaki. Most importantly, thanks to huge help from Rieko Mine, we will be spending four days with a middle-school in Takeo, Japan in both their school and at a day camp. It is going to be a blast and a wonderful learning experience for your student.

This is something that Spencer really wants to do and we'd love for him to be able to do it. However, we are going to have to start a serious fundraising drive for him to accomplish it. He'll have to get creative with it. I'm just warning you that he may be hitting you all up at some point. If you're wondering what to get him for Christmas this year, a contribution to his trip would be awesome!

Dave asked me if I wanted to go. I have no idea what the future brings for me by March, so I hate to make any commitments or get my hopes up. If I'm undergoing chemo, not sure flying on a plane in an enclosed space with all of those people and germs a plenty would be my best bet. Also I think I need to be careful with lymphadema or something when flying as well? In any case, it would be a great opportunity to actually see part of the world and to share a wonderful experience with my son, so I'll think about it. Flying in my condition and being so far from home scares me. But when else would I get a chance like that? Not ever sure if they are looking for chaperones. We'll see how it all plays out.

As for my CT SCan today. It went well. Quick and painless. Just annoying. It does help to mix up those crap, er I mean, Prep drinks the night before and let them chill in the fridge overnight. Less lumpy but still nasty. Drank 15oz at 705am and then another 15oz at 820am. Checked in at 905am. Got injected with dye and was done home by 1015am. Had to stop and treat myself to my favorite coffee drink after that. I'm going to skip my support group for the 3rd week in a row. We've lost 3-4 people in the last month and I just can't bring myself to face the group/room without some of my favorite people there. I can't handle the doom and gloom. Next week I need to make sure I go so I can speak about Betsy when they pass the candle for her. Today I think I'm going to pass and go take a nap. Haven't been sleeping welll and I think all of the walking with Paris lately is really wearing me out.

Have a 140pm parent teacher conference with Kaelin's teacher today. Then we have soccer and elite acrobatics. We all should be home by 830pm tonight.

Thanks for all of the words of support etc. I'll let you know when I receive my CT Scan results. Hoping for the best news ever.



Paris said...

How exciting for Spencer!! I'll put him to work mowing my lawn or collecting cans/bottles so he can have the deposits. Nat has been fundraising for her trip... baby-sitting, horse-sitting, collecting cans, working at the barn, etc. The possibilities are endless. I'll try to brainstorm more. It would be so cool for you to go too!! Sorry that you are feeling worn out. Maybe we should walk for a shorter time. I feel so energized by it. Hope we can continue, but you need to do what is best for you. Also, sorry about your support group. I know how hard it is for you. Glad today was short and sweet. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. Love, p

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fab trip. I'll pass on good fundraising ideas to you. Alexandra's trip should be to China this spring. We are getting an Chinese girl the end of Sept/early Oct. Alexandra will stay with her family. She's been hesitant about going but I think this might help. Wish I had the option to go to but NOT.

I was hoping our schools wreath/green sale could be a major emphasis/money maker for the kids doing the 8th language trips but I guess noone is buying that idea.

Just sent you an e-mail. I'm hoping Kaelin and any other Immel that desires, can join us next Friday at OES for our homecoming which is OES vs Catlin in both girls and boys soccer. Could be fun.

Have missed you. I'm battling a wicked cold so will not see you til I'm clear.

Hugs! Jaci

Loni said...

I'm glad to hear that this morning went well, Shauna, and you treated yourself afterwards!

That's great news about Spencer. It'll give him something to look forward to.


Jean said...

what a great opportunity! I have no fundraising ideas for you though. Nicole and I are going to Paris in April and I wish I had an idea for her. It is soooo expensive, but as the email said, its a trip of a lifetime for her.
I'm sorry your not sleeping. Thats the pits!!! Glad your scan went okay for you, though. Take care of yourself!

JO said...

Hi Shauna:

There were only about a dozen gals at our meeting today. There will be lots there next week when we pass the candle for Betsy. Eileen has been put on Hospice. Cyndi didn't know if she was home or in the care center.

Great news about Spencer's trip. Let me know when he starts earning/collecting money. If you are felling well at that time, you better consider going also.

I will be anxious to hear about you scan. I know it will terrific!

Love ya, JO

Laura Nicholas said...

wow - that sounds like an amazing trip. Count me for fundraising... Not sure what I can have him do - I know I have some weeds that need to be pulled... What an opportunity for you to share with him. I hope that you can go with him.

Glad to hear the scan went well. Hoping for good results.

Will be thinking of spencer tomorrow too when you take him to doc.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he could teach other white kids how do dance!!!