Monday, July 7, 2008

More Good News (CT Scan results)

7/3/08 CT Scan results (compared to previous scans on 5/16 & 3/7)

CT of chest: lungs are clear, etc.

CT of abdomen: The thickening of the omentum in the gatrohepatic and transverse colon region appears similar to prior exams without thickening. A small amount of fluid adjacent to the left aspect of the stomach has improved since prior exam and only a minimal amount remaining. There are no abnormally enlarged lymph nodes. No other fluid collections are seen. Bowel is not dilated.

CT of pelvis: Bowel appears unchanged. No masses or fluid collections are seen. There is no bowel diltatiion. No abnormally enlarged lymph nodes appreciated. Previsouly seen thickening of the urinary bladder is no longer identified with a normal appearance to the urinary bladder wall. Fluid collection previously seen in the musculature anterior to the left hip is no longer present.

1. No change in omental thickening in teh gastrohepatic and colonic region.
2. Decrease in the amount of fluid to the left of the stomach with only a minimal amount remaining.
3. Resolution of previously seen urinary bladder wall thickening.
4. Resolution of previously seen fluid collection anterior to the left hip.
5. No new masses, fluid collections, or adenopathy seen.

:) Seems the Folfox was working! However, had to stop the oxcilliplatin of the folfox due to the allergic reaction. Spent from 11-415pm today doing blood tests and infusing with the other agents. Came home with "Fillup", but am glad to be free of the nasty side effects of the oxcilliplatin for now. I'll go back in on Wed. and get unhooked and then be able to enjoy Kaelin's soccer tourney this weekend! :) Should only have mild nausea with this regimine. :)

Hope you all had a happy Monday!


Paris said...

Where is your post? I cannot see it!! Weird!! I'll check back later.

Anyway, I know the good news :) SOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Totally rocks.

Hope to see you soon!! Love ya, p

JO said...

Yea! What great news. I just knew your CT scan would be good. You are too tough and too loved by everybody to let a little cancer get you down. You Go Girl! So glad you won't have the bad side effects that you had previously. Keep on doin' what you're doin'. It seems to be workin'. Enjoy the good weather along with your good news.

Love ya, JO

Nightscrapper said...

WhoooooHooooo! Awesome news. Now I can go to bed feeling good. So happy to hear the good news. I'm so happy for you.

ali said...

GOOD NEWS Shauna! I'm so happy! Have a great time at Kaelin's soccer tourney!

Angie @ Boxer said...

That is wonderful news, Girl! I think of you every day, and read your blog all the time for updates. On your suggestion, we watched "The Bucket List" last night, and it was a good movie. Lots of hugs and kisses coming from all of us (including the dogs) at Boxer!

Raelyn said...

Great,great news Shauna! I am so happy for you. I hope this round goes well for you. Maybe I will see you Wednesday. I will be there starting at 11:30... first with the dr., then the research nurses, then infusion. It will be a LONG day!

nic said...

oh thank goodness for happy news!!! SOOO HAPPY! Loved your 4th photos too :))

My name is Shanna said...

FANDAMTABULOUS NEWS!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled to read all of that! I had a good feeling, so there you go. lol

Love you, love you, love you.

Hugs from Cali.

Laura Nicholas said...

oh that is fantastic!!!! I am so glad to finally have some good news. You continue to keep fighting this and we will continue to stand behind you! Good luck to Kaelin in the tourney this weekend. Hopefully it won't be 105 degrees this time....


My name is Shanna said...

missing ya... just needed to post.


Melissa said...

Catching up on your blog and so happy to read your CT report! Way to kick the beast into the ground. And love to see those markers moving in the down direction! I've had so much bad cancer news in my life lately (sister just diagnosed, plus friend in hospice), it is so uplifting to see such awesomely wonderful news! Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! That is such good news! I'm so glad that it's working that the results are good!

Jean said...

OMG, I'm so happy for you!!!!! What great news! Hang in there and keep fighting!!