Friday, July 18, 2008

Flash Back/Favorite Foto Friday

I thought of a new thing...Flash Back Friday! Here we're flashing back to Boston May 2007, focusing on the friendship between Kaelin and Alaina, highlighted in our trip to Level 5 Rhythmic Gymnastics Nationals.

We spent this afternoon swimming with Jaci and her kids, Alaina (9) and Alexandra (13), who happen to be the same ages as my kids! Alaina and Kaelin do acrobatics (she's a fellow "spider")and used to do Rhythmic Gymnastics together. Jaci has been such a great friend to us and did all of the driving to and from practices when I got diagnosed with cancer and was down from surgery and chemo etc. She saved us so many times! Anyways, Kaelin and Alaina became great friends and developed a neat bond. This photo is from our trip to Boston for Nationals last year. They are so cute together because they look so much alike! They are basically the same height and build and have the same coloring! The only difference is that Alaina is a girly girl and Kaelin is very much NOT! But they complement each other nicely. We have been trying to get them to do a duo together for dance, but Kaelin doesn't want to do more than one routine because she doesn't want to have to change clothes during a show! lol I'll leave you with a couple other photos from that trip from May 2007...

in the hotel pool:
walking to the car:
With Kathyrn and Abby in front of the Duck Tours boat:
lined up to march in at Nationals with Abby: with Abby at Plymoth Plantation:

in front of the Mayflower:

a photo at one of the meets:
It's nice to spend the afternoon with good friends making more memories! I should have brought my camera today to the pool! I hope you all get to spend some great time with family and friends this weekend!


Paris said...

Flashback Friday is a great idea! Love the pics... the girls really look like they could be sisters! Glad that you got to spend time with Jaci and family swimming... a perfect summer day. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the awesome cookbook... you know what I like and spoil me rotten :) You are the best!!
Love you, p

Laura Nicholas said...

those are great pictures! Jake has a friend that they look alot alike. Today he was over to play and I took the boys to the pool (becoming a regular summer activity for us this year) and I had a hard time keeping track of who was who in the pool. It wasn't until I saw the shorts that I could tell who was who. Throw in that they were both wearing blue goggles too.... Anyway, they had a great time.

Looks like a one in a million friendship.

JO said...

Love the pictures. Glad you were able to spend time with friends during our nice weather. We are going to have Kyle and Tori next week. Fun! Looking forward to seeing you some day. Good luck Monday with your chemo.

Love ya, JO

Anonymous said...

We had such a blast having you all over to swim. I must admit that was my favorite Marco Polo game of the summer!

Loved seeing these pics and sharing them with the family. The friendship we share and that the girls share is beyond special. We look forward to many, many more years of great times together!

Our trip to Boston and Lowell was so memorable and fun, especially the trip to the Plimouth Plantation and trying to see the Mayflower!

Hope Simba is feeling better. Hard having a kid or dog sick!

Hugs! Jaci