Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

2 years ago today, I was released from the hospital after a 13 day stay. I had gone into the hospital for surgery to diagnose and treat my cancer. Going in all we knew is that I had a tumor on each ovary. We didn't know which stage or if it was malignant or benign. I was expected to be in there for 4 days tops. I woke up from the surgery to discover I had Stage 4 (out of 4) cancer and that it had spread to my intestines and my lymph nodes. They did a total hysterectemy, removed 10" of my intestines and 6 lymph nodes. I had trouble getting my digestive and elimination system going again and I ended up staying quite awhile in the hospital. I was released on July 4th, Independence Day, 20# lighter after not eating for 9 days and for being on a liquid diet. My whole life changed. Along with my family's.

Here we are 2 years later celebrating Independence Day with a whole different perspective than before. Priorities shifted. Lives altered. Thankful to share another one with my family and friends.
We spent today together. We went to Borders Books and got my favorite coffee drink. And then we went to go see "Hancock" at the movies. AFterwards we bought some fireworks and groceries for our neighborhood party. We headed over to the Klings house, just down the street.

There we enjoyed football, water balloon and squirt gun fights, water balloon launching, skateboarding, BBQ ribs/sausages/hamburgers/chicken, S'mores, American Idol on the Wii, fireworks, laughs and good times!

My 13 year old son was obsessed with lighting fireworks. He was all about holding the lighter. At one point the big boys (the men/husbands) had him holding a roman candle and a cop car came around the corner! Roman candles are illegal in Oregon, but people go over the boarder to Washington and buy them and bring them back. This year the cops seemed to be cracking down and driving around the neighborhoods, trying to give out $500 fines. Luckily, they came around the corner just as they were getting ready to light it and they stopped to let the car by and realized it was a cop car!

We had a great time and enjoyed our 4th of July very much! Thanks to the Klings for hosting!

Happy Independence Day! And Happy Anniversary to Dave's dad, Jerry and Ann!



Paris said...

Love the pics! What a fun day for you all! I, too, am grateful that you are here :) You are such a strong person, and have overcome so much. Very proud of you. How was the movie? Nat wants to see that! And happy anniversary to Annie and Jerry! BTW, Nat was really into lighting the fireworks too... must be a teenager thing!! We are off to the rating with hardly any sleep. Will be an adventure, right?! Love ya, p

Laura Nicholas said...

looks like you had a great day! love all the pics. I didn't take any this year...


JO said...

Glad you all had a nice 4th of July. Sounds like you have wonderful neighbors and friends.

Have a great weekend and good luck with your chemo on Monday. Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Love, JO

My name is Shanna said...

Love the GOOD NEWS!!!! Your plan of attack sounds like a good one and I understood everything that you explained!! Paris rocks as a caregiver, eh? We knew she would though! lol

LOVE to see that your CA125 is down to 54. Incredibly wonderful news too! I am anxious to see what relief you get now that you are eliminating the oxiplatin. Maybe the neuropathy will have a chance to ease? That would be nice. Atleast the cold trigger will allow you to have your favorites again.

I miss you something awful and wish I were closer. Glad you had such a grateful and independent 4th of July. It certainly was far better than 2006.

Love you,

Nightscrapper said...

Love the pic of you and your family!! Wow, 2 years. What a fight you have fought.