Saturday, July 26, 2008


Thank god it's Saturday and Friday is behind me!

I went into work and cleared off/out my desk. I tried to be discreet because it was going to be too tough to do it with people around. I didn't want to lose it! I had several visitors and they provided nice distractions, talking about the Fantasy Football leauge draft and NCAA hoop games in Portland and how hard it is to get tickets! So it took me longer than I thought and I missed my eating window!

Due to my 8pm Ultrasound appointment, I wasn't allowed to eat/drink after 12pm noon. After clearing out my desk I was late to pick up my daughter from her gymnastics so I didn't have time to stop and eat before I picked her up at 12! So I didn't have anything to eat/drink since 10am!! And when you are told you can't eat/drink, that is all you think about!!! All day and night long! It was amazing how hungry and thristy I became knowing I couldn't have anything! LOL I had a hard time focusing on anything Friday. I tried taking a nap. That didn't work. I wanted to go see a movie to kill time, but my movie buddy Kaelin was off to the fair and swimming with Alaina and Spencer didn't want to see anything except "Step Brothers", and that is rated R!!! I was so desperate I toyed with the idea of taking him to an R movie. From the previews it didn't look like an R movie. It seemed more PG13. I tried getting Paris and/or Laura to go with me, but they were busy getting ready for horse shows and campouts. At least Paris had the good sense to look online at reviews and talk me out of taking Spencer to see it! I think I would have died of embarrassment anyways. He refused to go see "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "Hellboy 2" or "Mamma Mia" with me. We've pretty much seen everything else. Except for "Space Monkeys" because Kaelin wants to see that!

My Ultrasound was quick and painless. In and out in 10 mintues. I made Dave take me to Red Robin for dinner and I scarfed down a Teriyaki Chicken Burger, my fave! But then instead of constantly complaining about how hungry I was, I complained about how full I was! And I didn't know which felt worse, being hungry or being full. I think I needed a happy medium. Next time, remind me to only eat half of my dinner. No matter how good it is.

I didn't get the chance to visit my dad in the hospital after his Gall Bladder surgery. His 4pm Thursday surgery was delayed a few hours so it was too late to visit him afterwards. I called around 830pm and he was just getting back to his room and needed to sleep. And when we spoke on Friday, he was doing so well they were going to release him! He said he was sore but he was walking around and could eat, drink, pee and poo. :) That's the checklist to get released from the hospital and the reasons why I was stuck in the hospital for 12 days after my surgery to deal with my cancer two years ago! Glad he didn't have to spend his weekend in the hospital and he's home recovering! :)

This weekend is pretty quiet for us except Kaelin has a couple of parties to attend on Sat. and Sun. nights. I think I'm going to go to the movies with Laura and hopefully Paris if she survives her horse show and wants to join us? Gonna hit the dog park and maybe visit my EXcoworker Stan at his daughter's softball game, right across from the dog park! :)

Ooh, shout out to Murray Hill's U13 boys baseball team! They won the State Championship game in Pendelton yesterday and are headed to California for Regionals! 3 boys on that team are brothers of girls on Kaelin's soccer team and the coach, Scott and his son are our neighbors! Way to go MH!! So proud of you!!! You rock! So very exciting. However, after being gone all week in Pendelton, how do they take more time off to travel and be gone again? I mean, it's easy for the boys, but what about the coaches and parents??? But what an opportunity!!! Woo Hoo!

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday as much as we're going to!!!



Paris said...

Glad you made it to your u/s and then got RR!! Woo hoo!! I felt so bad for you. So glad that your dad is home. We survived the horse rating... Nat passed her C1. Yahoo! I'm going on about 1 hour of sleep and am completely exhausted... will catch a movie w/you some other time. I hope you have a great time. Let's get a scrapping date on the calendar for next week. I need some non-horsey fun!! Love you, p

JO said...

Sounds like you are having a nice weekend. Sorry you had to have a CT scan, too. Can you believe we had one on the same day? When do you get your results? I get mine on Thursday. Both of us will have good scans!

Glad you have your stuff from work and don't have to worry about going in to get it. I am sure you will be missed terribly.

Your Dad sounds like he did great with his gall bladder surgery. They have those perfected now.

Hope to see you on Wednesday. I have to go for sure because I am picking up Etta.

Love ya, JO

ali said...

I'm glad you got your day behind you! What a long day when you are hungry and thirsty!! I'm also glad your dad is doing well!!! Have a great weekend Shauna! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I hate days like that and especially can't stand going that long without eating, my blood sugar dives!

It was great fun to have Kaelin with us at the fair and swimming. The 3 girls all had a blast together which is nice. Wish we had more time at the pool that evening but sheesh it was cold. The 8 of us should try for dinner or swimming sometime. I think Scott and Dave would have fun chatting more!

Hope Sat and Sun were great for you. Call if you want to take the dogs out.

We're painting Alexandra's room this weekend and disagreeing with Scott on the right color of yellow. Hmmm. It was so hard to paint over the seashore and underwater murals my SIL and I had painted but as Alexandra said, she has enjoyed them for 14 years but it's time to move on.

Hugs! And yeah on Natalie passing her C1 Paris!


Stan said...

Thanks sooo much for hanging out with us at Hailie's softball tournament...I loved you being there!! Hailie said to tell you thank you too for coming and that they took FIRST ARE a good luck charm :-)

Love ya!

Nightscrapper said...

Glad you got through clearing out your desk. I know you will be terribly missed. Glad the u/s went smoothly. I just had one and it killed me to have an empty stomach till 4 p.m. and have a bladder full of water. Just about pee'd my pants. SERIOUSLY!