Thursday, July 10, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

I don't have very many photos with me in them. Here's a photo of Kaelin and I on the first day of school in Sept. 07. The school counselor, Anne Santa, offered to take one of us together. This was back during my chemo break, the week before going to Disneyland. I was to start chemo again after our trip. So I am happy and much healthier here. A lot thinner too. I had been working out with a trainer during my chemo break. It's much harder getting into a workout routine when you have chemo every other week. Anyways, I love this photo. We both look so happy and I love that we kind of look alike! I'm glad we have a photo of just the two of us. I know it will be a treasure. We need to take more of these kinds of photos!!!

Update on chemo day was very long on MOnday. They were so crowded and busy that day, after the 3 day weekend. All of the Friday people were there I guess. They had a problem with my blood sample, so I had to redraw it. I was two hours behind schedule when I finally got hooked up to infuse. I thought it would go faster since I wasn't getting the oxcilliplatin, which takes the longest (3 hours), but I guess one of the other drugs I get is the same amount of time, it was just given at the same time. So I was at Kaiser from 11am - 415pm on Monday! Then I went home with "Fillup" my portable chemo pump to infuse with 5FU until Wednesday around 130pm. I was suprised at how fatigued and exhausted I've been this week. I've totally felt run down. I've also had this underlying nausea all week. But I can't really complain. I wasn't bed ridden and I could function. I figured out that minus the steroids and pre-meds, which usually pumped me up and gave me lots of energy and a kind of "chemo high", I was quite "spent". I didn't have that get up and go. And since I didn't get the nasty chemo, and I've been driving around etc, I haven't been taking any antinausea etc. meds except for bedtime. So that explains the nausea and the fatigue I think. I haven't had much of an appetite and nothing sounds good. And I've been crabby and feeling overwhelmed. Like I should be getting things done and I'm not.
Don't have the energy and don't feel like it. But since I'm not bedridden, like usual, I feel like maybe I should be doing stuff ya know??? I gotta ease up on myself!!!

I've spent the week driving Kaelin to various activities. Her new summer schedule for Level 7 gym/elite acrobatics started. She had gym M & Th from 12-4pm, acro W 12-130pm and then soccer MTW 5-630pm. She's been a busy girl! Tomorrow she has gym 9-12pm and a 310pm soccer game! It's a soccer tourney so she also has 2 games on Sat and hopefully Sunday if they make the finals. She's been nursing a bum elbow after bending it backwards today doing a "butterfly" in gym (kind of like an aerial?). So she's been icing it and keeps asking me if it's broken. That doesn't sound good does it? Hopefully it won't mess with her soccer. We might skip gym in the am.

Spencer has a bat mitzvah to go to all day Sat and Sat. night. He's been going to alot of those this year. A lot of his classmates have been celebrating. Dave's been busy doing basketball lessons and working on real estate. I've been running around with my kids and reading lots of books!

My kids and the boys across the street have a serious water war going on. Each night, starting about 5pm when it starts to cool down a little, they go outside and play squirt guns, water balloons and hose fights. The 4 boys have been ganging up on Kaelin so she got her dad to be on her team and he took the hose to them all last night! It was fun for everyone, me included. Kaelin thought that was pretty cool and the boys got a kick out of it.

I don't know about anyone else but I've been struggling with dinners lately. Don't want to cook and nothing sounds good. It's been too hot! Tonight I cooked up some corn on the cob and oh my was it goooooood!!! Made some chicken and spinach salad to go with it. Nothing hit the spot like the corn though.

I've rambled enough. I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!
Stay cool!


Laura Nicholas said...

that is a great picture!!!! You both look great - and I think you look great now too.

as for the dinners, I am right there with you. The thought of the oven going on just doesn't interest me. I think last night was the first time I have cooked anything in a long time. I made chicken pasta stuff (lots of oh this would work...) green beans and apple crisp. Think the family thought it was thanksgiving! lol

Sounds like you have been busy this week. I hope you are finding some rest time too.

Paris said...

Love the pic! Darling! Sorry you have had such a rough week... hate that. I think you are doing great... you really do need to cut yourself some slack. You have every right to be crabby and overwhelmed. Can't imagine that schedule while doing chemo at the same time. You are wonder woman :)

Dinners can be a real struggle while being so busy. I have so much fresh stuff I need to use, but I have hardly been home. This riding 2 horses thing in 2 different places is really cramping my style.

See you soon!! Love ya, p

Anonymous said...

I'm with you...ugghh cooking dinner when it's summer time and hot...doesn't appeal to me at ALL! I've assigned the boys to each make a dinner one night a week and that is helping. Spencer made homemade pizza last night. If only I could get them to make some low cal dinners so I could shed a few pounds...that would be so nice. But I'm not complaining...just having them help out a couple nights a week is heaven.

This is such a darling photo of the two of you. You need to get more photos of you and them together. I haven't wanted to be in front of the camera the past several months because I've put on 15lbs - and it's so yucky. I don't even have an excuse - chemo is a pretty darn good excuse if you ask me. I need to get out at night and at least walk around the block instead of sitting in front of the TV.

Water fights in the summer - yep - that's the way it should be. Kids have all the fun!

Laura Smith said...

Hey Shauna

I think of you often. It is funny you should say that your daughter looks like you, I was thinking that very thing about the soccer pics above and your son looks just like you as well. Beautiful kids and family.

As far as dinner is concerned, we have been in the same spot. Not in to it I tell ya! Your dinner sounded good to me. Grilling is the way we eat this time of year.

I hope everything regarding your treatment continues going well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

xoxo Laura

Nightscrapper said...

Love the photo. You look great!