Thursday, July 24, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Jaci emailed me this photo today and I didn't have it on my desktop to share last Friday when I highlighted Kaelin and Alaina's friendship, so I wanted to share it! One of those rare momemts when my girl actually looks like a girl! I think they must have had their Rhythmic Gymnastic Team photos or something that day, as they have on makeup and Kaelin would never wear that blue/white fluffy thing in her hair unless she had to be in competition attire. lol I love this photo!!! Aren't they pretty????

Interesting FRiday for me. I'm going into work to clear out/off my desk and turn in the key. I'm going to go visit my dad who had gall bladder surgery Thursday night and I'm going in at 8pm to get an ultrasound to check my gall bladder. I can't eat after 12 noon. Kaelin has gym 9-12pm and then is going to the Washington County Fair with Alaina.

I think I may try and talk DAve into seeing "Step Brothers" this weekend if it's out. It looks hilarious to me. At least the trailer did. Kaelin's got parties with girls from school both Sat and Sun nights. I'm sure there will be trips to the dog park and house cleaning/organizing.

Anyone watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" We love that show. We all watch it together. We were devastated tonight to see Will go home!! That dude can dance!!!! Boo Hoo!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend full of fun and laughter and memory making moments!!!



Paris said...

What an adorable pic! Love it!! Good luck today with everything... I know it will be tough to go into work to get your stuff. Please give my best to your dad. I hope he has a speedy recovery. And good luck tonight too with your ultra sound. Do you need a ride? Thanks for stopping by yesterday and thanks for the mag. You are a sweetie :) Hope you and Dave can go see a movie. Have a wonderful weekend... you deserve it :) Love ya, p

Anonymous said...

I didn't expect this to be a web photo, just know it makes me smile as it does you! Alaina is so excited to have Kaelin come to the fair with us, should be hot but fun.

Today just doesn't sound like a fun day for you except seeing your dad. Hope his recovery goes quickly! I know the work part is hard, it sure as heck was for me the day I cleaned out my desk at the Rose Festival. So hard to leave a job you love but sometimes that happens. Let the tears flow if they come, it's part of the grieving process and a healthy part IMO.

Giant hugs Shauna!

ali said...

Cute photo of the girls! Love the colors (orange and blue!)! We LOVE So You Think You Can Dance in our house! The whole family watches it! Our favorite was Gev...since was Madi's hip hop teacher for over a year! Nice guy! We were sad to see him go home! Good luck with your ultrasound!

Nightscrapper said...