Sunday, July 13, 2008

U11 Girls Portland Cup Champions!

Congrats to the Red Magic, the 2008 U11 Girls Portland Cup Champions!

Three days filled with soccer in the blazing hot sun! I think the game scores were:
9-1, 3-0, 4-1, and then 7-1 in the semi finals. (My memory may be off a tad??)

The championship game ended in a 1-1 tie and had to go down to penalty kicks. We tied after the first round, so they went into sudden death. The coach's daughter, Summer, played goalie, made the winning penalty kick and then saved the next goal to win the game! Exciting! Here's a great photo of her running into her dad's (the coach) arms after the win!
The girls played their little (BIG?) hearts out and showed great composure and control!Kaelin played defender, midfield and wing and had some great kicks, passes, corner kicks and a great header, which I missed with my camera because I was watching the game!

We all celebrated afterwards at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse! What a fun, exciting, stressful, nailbiting game! What a weekend filled with soccer! And sun!
On Friday the kids and I went and saw the movie "Meet Dave". It was ok. Spencer really liked it. His kind of sense of humor!
On Saturday he spent the day/night at a Bat Mitzvah and won the dance contest! He was so proud of himself and came home so hyped up and happy! It was very cute. Wished I had gotten some photos of his smile and his showing us the "coffee grinder" moves he did!
Hope everyone else had a great weekend!
Go Red Magic! Now we have 4 weeks off of soccer!! Woo Hoo!!!


Paris said...

That is so COOL!!! So proud of K and the girls! Love all the pics. Priceless. How funny about Spencer winning the dance contest. Who woulda known? WTG Spencer! What a banner weekend for Team Immel. You all rock! Glad that you survived the heat and sun. Hope we can meet for a coffee again soon. Love ya, p

Anonymous said...

Congrat's to Kaelin and teammates. What a hot weekend for a tourney.

Spent Sat at the Country Classic horseshow and though of Paris and Natalie! OMG the $$ spent on these animals, yikes!

Hope you are feeling better and we can get a walk or two or doggie play time in this week.


Jane said...

Great to see Kaelin out there doing her thing. Congrats from us.

Jane and Mathilde

Laura Nicholas said...

oh congrats to the team! That is great. Cracks me up about spencer - didn't know he had the moves... Take care of yourself and enjoy the break from soccer.


Jean said...

congrats to kaelin's team.
I just love watching my kids play soccer!My boys won the State Championsip 2 wks ago. First div 1 team to win in history of our town. Very exciting.

Congrats to Spencer too, on the dance contest!

Anonymous said...

Who taught Spencer to dance? That's so cool about Kaelin's soccer team...hope you're doing well. We had our 2nd ultrasound to see feet and arms!

ali said...

CONGRATS to Kaelin and her team! Sooo AWESOME!

JO said...

Good job, Kaelin and teammates! Glad all of you had a nice weekend. And I love your Friday photo. You two look great.

We have been out of town but I plan on being at the meeting tomorrow. Hope you will be there and hope you are feeling well.

Love ya, JO

Nightscrapper said...

Congrats Kaelin!!!