Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy busy busy

I spent the weekend at the dog park and Stan's (co-worker) daughter's softball games. They were right across the street from one another! Fun to see Stan and Allen and to watch Haley's team win the championship! I also got to spend Sat. night with Laura (another co-worker) going to the movies to see "Step Brothers" (so funny but raunchy and sooooo glad I didn't take Spencer!) and then we went to Border's Books and hung out and looked at magazines and had ice teas and talked. Fun weekend! Kaelin had a party packed weekend too!

Today I was planning on staying home all day and finally working on finishing organizing my scrapbook stuff and cabinets (they are all over my living room!) but then we got a call from Travis and Trea (Travis used to live with us!), who happened to be in town from Southern Oregon. So we ended up spending a fun day with them instead! We had lunch together and Travis and the Spencer played Wii together, just like old times! (Travis was the one who brought video games into the Immel household with a Nintendo 64 back in the day!). He had a test to take so Trea and I headed out to Ikea (OMG that place is like 5 Costcos put together!), Pottery Barn Kids and Kitchen Kaboodle. We had a fun day together shopping. They are expecting a little Connick in Feb. Congrats!

For all of you guys who email me and don't get a response - please be patient with me! My email boots me out every time I try to respond! It also takes me about 5 tries to log on! I don't have a problem with my internet or blogging, it's just my verizon email! ARgh! It's been going on for awhile and I get so frustrated with it I could just scream (and I do!!!). Dave has tried to fix it numerous times, even calling tech support. I get started writing emails and I get a pretty long one going and bam, my computer either crashes or boots me out and I am so frustrated and annoyed! I usually walk away frustrated because it takes me about 5 tries to log back in and I've lost most of my email that I started to write. I have no patience, so this a BAD thing!!!

If you're reading this Susan, thank you for the nice card and gift that you left on my desk at work on Friday. It was a nice, thoughtful suprise and I really appreciated it! And yes, I'm starting to enjoy "Big Brother" too! I'm not really invested in anyone yet though. Thank you Laura and Jacie and Stan and LeNae for the emails and Sherri for the big hug and support! :) Love and miss you all!!!!

I owe so many people emails, it's not even funny. I think I better get my laptop out and have a marathon session!

Hope everyone has a super week! DAve and I are celebrating our 14th Wedding anniversary on Wed, July 30th!

Big Hugs!!!


Paris said...

You are a busy girl! Wow. So glad you could spend time with your friends today. We definitely need a play date at Ikea. Nat wants to go too. Sorry today didn't work out to scrap, but hopefully soon. Turns out I had to much work anyway. Happy Anniversary to you and Dave!! Hope you get a relaxing day soon. Love, p

JO said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy but also having fun. Great!

I went to see Momma Mia with Fern, her sister and Carol. I loved it.

Hope to see you on Wednesday at our meeting. Happy anniversary to you and Dave and I wish you two many many more.

Love ya, JO

Angie said...

just wanted to check in and actually leave a comment. life is chugging along here, school starts next week for Wyatt and the week after for Morgan!