Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick Check in

Not much going on this week, besides gymnastic and dance workouts for Kaelin and martial arts for Spencer. No photos to share :( and soccer is on hiatus until mid August.

Chemo for me on Monday. NOT looking forward to it. It's gotten so old. I can hardly stand it really. I'm so done with it already. Ugh. Wish it would all just go away and stay away and leave me the bleep alone! Hmmph.

We went and watched our neighbor Jacob play in the district championship game last night for U12-13 Little League. It was so fun and exciting! His dad coaches and Jacob was the lead off batter for the game and started the game with a home run! He had some great catches in centerfield and pitched the 2nd half of the game. They ended up winning 8-3. I wished I had taken photos but the Alpenrose ballpark was so crowded and we ended up sitting behind the backstop and the fence wires would have been in all of my photos. I wished I had captured them throwing up their hats and dousing the coach with the cooler of water! Spencer and Jacob used to play on the same baseball team back when they were little tykes. Scott was the head coach and Dave was his assistant. Spencer lost interest in it. It could be because he got hit in the head with a baseball hit by the coach one practice! Who knows. I miss baseball.

Speaking of baseball, how about that All Star game? Wow, was that a long game! My kids couldn't believe they were still playing baseball at 130am!!!

Today I spent a good part of my day at the vet with Simba. He woke up with a cloudy and gooped over and red eye. He's also been shaking his head alot, like his ears are bugging him. Turns out he has a MASSIVE ear and yeast infection in his left ear. Not sure what's going on with his eye though. It didnt' appear to be scratched, and they didn't find any debris in it. He talked about allergies (for this time of year) and maybe just an infection. He didn't think it was pink eye. They did a bunch of tests on Simba's ears and eyes and gave him a pain med shot to relieve the pain from his ear. I also had to buy ear cleaner and special ear drops and eye drops, along with the flea control program (Advantage) that we use cause we are out and it came out to be $275.00 when it was all said and done!!! That's insane!!!! I feel bad because I didn't even know Simba had a sore ear because he's such a trooper and doesn't complain or moan or groan and he was his usual happy self! Except for the flopping of the head back and forth and shaking the ears lately, like he's drying off. Now I have to stay on this aggresive eye and ear drop program with him and clean his ears out every other day. Like I have time to do that. I can't even take care of myself on a regular basis! Just one more thing to add to my to do list that never gets done!

We're looking forward to Batman the Dark Knight coming out in theaters tomorrow. We'll go see that sometime over the weekend. If Kaelin didn't have gymnastics at 9am, we might go to the midnight showing tonight!

We pretty much have a quiet weekend at home this week. I need to get my living room back in order after pulling everything out of the cabinets to get ready for the scrapbook garage sale my friend laura had. I gotta get everything organized and put back. Not sure that will EVER happen. Would love to get it so I can start creating scrapbook pages and cards again. A girl can dream.

Well, enough rambling. Glad it's cooled off.

Enjoy your weekend!!!



Raelyn said...

My husband and son were at the game last night too! They said it was packed. My son played on the 9/10 All-Stars for Suncreek and we lost to Murrayhill as did our 11/12team. I know how you feel about chemo. I feel like there is no end in sight. I feel crummy this round. My tummy is horrible, my mouth tastes gross and I am still nauseous. I will be there on Wed. so if you are around for your d/c stop by and say "hello" again! I am scheduled for 11:30 with the nurses and then infusion probably about 12:30pm. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Have fun with the family!

Paris said...

My poor puppy, Simba :( That just breaks my heart. I hope he will be on the mend soon. You are such a good doggy momma taking him to the vet.

Sorry you are so burned out on chemo... but it is all worth it. You are doing so great!! So proud of you for keeping the fight going.

Cool about the baseball game... I always loved going to my nephew's games. We sent him off to Colorado tonight to college again... will miss him lots.

Glad you have a quiet weekend ahead. Hope we can meet for a coffee soon. I think we have a pretty quiet one ahead too for a change.... except for going to the barn of course ;)

Love ya, p

JO said...

I'm bummed that you might not be coming to our group meetings! Everyone is going to be worried about you. We will have to just set a time aside to get together.

Glad you will have a quiet weekend. Going to a movie sounds like fun. We will probably have our grandkids here next week so we will NOT have a quiet week. But we love it!

Good luck with your chemo. I know, it sucks but we have to do what we have to do!

Take good care of Simba and yourself!

Love ya, JO